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Found 4 results

  1. State statute requires the consent of at least 67% of the assembly to amend the assembly's bylaws. However, within the bylaws themselves, there is a statement that by a "general or special resolution of the Board," a certain provision in the bylaws may be altered. The Board treated the resolution as if it were a motion, replacing the term, "motion," with the term, "resolution," seconded it and voted. What is the difference between a motion and a resolution? What is a "general" resolution versus a "special resolution"?
  2. I was at a convention this month, the organization follows Robert's rules of order. The organization meets once a year and goes over resolutions and elects new grand officers. This year a number of resolutions never got heard on the floor. Instead they were referred to executive committee, which normally handles business in between conventions. I was told any business, including resolutions, not handled during convention dies at the end of convention. So when does a resolution die?
  3. I find myself as the unexpected board member and treasurer of a tax exempt organization (livestock breed association). The previous treasurer quit after being harangued constantly by a member about his not producing "monthly warrant reports" . In the CB&L, the treasurer's duties are enumerated and one section states: "The Treasurer shall make (at a minimum) a quarterly Profit & Loss Statement, Statement of Cash Flow, and Trial Balances to the Board of Directors. These reports shall be available to Association members." Other duties include submitting an annual budget, annual audit, receiving and disbursing all moneys, being custodian of the funds. Seven years ago, at an annual members meeting, a resolution was passed 'requiring' the Treasurer to submit a 'monthly warrant request' to include all expenditures to be paid that month, such information available to the membership upon request. This was not an amendment to the C&BL, but a motion by the membership at the annual meeting in 2011. Since then, the treasurer from that time prepared this warrant report. After the annual meeting in 2017, the long-serving board members who followed this 'resolution' quit, leaving a new treasurer without guidance. He quit this week from frustration and now I must clean up everything. Question: Is this 'monthly warrant report' enforceable on the treasurer, or would it more properly be instituted via amendment to the C&BL? I am trying to do the right thing in this case. We have our annual meeting in June and there is time for members to submit proposed amendments. Thank you in advance.
  4. A Resolution was just passed through our Council, but it was just discovered that the dollar amount pertaining to a grant was incorrect. I feel that logically, the resolution must go back through Council with a motion to amend, but I can't find anything in Robert's Rules that specifically states that. Any info or thoughts would be appreciated.
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