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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all... If I am posting our organizations bylaws in hopes that folks will be willing to take a quick run through to evaluate and offer suggestions? Just want to see where we are before we start moving ahead. Be advised that the general membership of this group is approx. 50 members. Also, obviously, I have changed the name of the school as a courtesy. Thanks...Mister Bob CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS OF THE CASTING CROWNS HIGH SCHOOL BAND BOOSTERS, INC. Article I. Name and Authority Section 1.01 The name of the organization shall be Casting Crowns High School Band Boosters, Inc. and shall be operated as a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian organization in general support of the school band program as approved by the Band Director and the School’s Principal. Article II. Objectives Section 2.01 To encourage and maintain an enthusiastic interest in the band program of the Casting Crowns High School. Section 2.02 To provide assistance and support to the Band Director in the form of fundraising services and to conduct such social activities as may be considered necessary and proper by the Executive Committee. Article III. Membership Section 3.01 Anyone interested in the program and development of the band program in the Casting Crowns High School is eligible for membership. Any parent of a band student is considered a band booster member. Section 3.02 Individual members shall have no proprietary interest in the band organization but will benefit exclusively through participation in or patronage for the purpose for which the organization is established. Article IV. Officers and Their Elections Section 4.01 The officers of the organization shall be: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Section 4.02 Officers shall be elected each year at the general meeting in April. Nominations will be accepted during the month of March, being sent to the President. During the General Boosters meeting in April nominations shall also be accepted from the floor for all vacant &/or currently held positions. Section 4.03 Term of the office shall be one (1) year from the time of election to the next election, with a transitional period being from April to June. Section 4.04 Elections shall be decided by casting secret ballots during the General Meeting held in April. A simple majority vote of those present at a meeting designated for elections shall decide the election. Section 4.05 Members at Large (with a maximum of 4) may be appointed by the Officers from time to time in order to gain knowledge of the on-goings of the organization. This may be useful as officers prepare to leave the organization. Section 4.06 The Officers and Members at Large may ask for the resignation of a fellow Officer/s if they conduct themselves in a manner seen as detrimental to the organization. Should the officer refuse to resign they can be removed from office through a simple majority vote of the other Officers. Section 4.07 Elected Officers who must be replaced during their term of office will be replaced by Presidential appointment subject to confirmation by the General Booster Membership at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Section 4.08 Any Officer asked to step down from their post or removed through majority vote may at no time in the future hold an Officer’s position within this organization. Article V. Executive Committee Section 5.01 The Executive Committee shall consist of the four (4) elected Officers and the Members at Large. Section 5.02 The Executive Committee shall have general supervision of the affairs of the organization. Article VI. Committees Section 6.01 Additional Committees will be appointed by the President on an as needed basis.   Article VII. Meetings Section 7.01 Meetings of the General Booster Membership will be scheduled regularly during Marching Band Season and as needed at the Casting Crowns High School during the school year. Section 7.02 Unscheduled meetings of the General Boosters Membership may be called by the President upon due notice of at least forty-eight (48) hours. Section 7.03 Executive Committee meetings will be held at a time and place designated by the President. Article VIII. Amendments Section 8.01 The Constitution and Bylaws may be altered or amended by a vote of the majority present at any General Boosters Membership meeting, provided written notice of proposed amendments or alterations is given to all members by the Secretary prior to the general meeting. Article IX. Adoption Section 9.01 This Constitution and Bylaws shall become effective upon adoption by an affirmative vote of a majority of the membership present at the General Boosters meeting. Article X. Quorum/Voting Section 10.01 A minimum of 5 members present at the General Boosters meeting constitutes quorum. Section 10.02 Simple majority vote in any meeting resolves the issue. Article XI. Duties of Officers Section 11.01 The President will conduct the business of the Casting Crowns High School Band Boostersorganization by presiding at all general and executive committee meetings, appoint all committees, be executive-officer member of all committees and coordinate the program with the Band Director. Section 11.02 The Vice President will assist the President and serve as President in his/her absence and to perform other duties as the President may prescribe. Section 11.03 The Secretary shall keep the record and minutes of all meetings, conduct the written correspondence of the organization, keep a roll of members and any other duties the President may direct. Issue minutes in a timely fashion to the General Boosters Membership. The Secretary will furnish each member upon request with a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws including amendments thereto.   Section 11.04 The Treasurer shall receive all funds due the club, pay all outstanding debts, keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements and provide a financial report at each General Boosters meeting. Section 11.05 Members at Large duties will be prescribed by the President. Article XII. Financial Reports Section 12.01 If and when this organization is dissolved, all funds, properties, business & financial records shall become part of the Casting Crowns High School music department. Section 12.02 A complete financial overview shall be reported to the General Boosters membership during the June meeting. Fiscal year for this organization will be from June 1 to May 31. Article XIII. Funds Section 13.01 The Treasurer shall pay all outstanding bills approved by the Executive Committee. All checks must bear the signatures of two (2) officers. Signatures of all four (4) Officers’ (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) need to be on file at the bank. Section 13.02 Expenditures in excess of $250.00 will need prior approval from the Executive committee. (With the exception of recurring expenses of supplies for Chicken BBQ’s & Concession Stand events)   Article XIIII. Authority Section 15.01 The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall govern this club in all cases in which they do not conflict with rules of this club.
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