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Found 2 results

  1. This seems really complex to me and I can't find the answer, but I was hoping someone could quickly and easily provide the answer: We apparently voted to approve something in the past. However, the item was rejected higher up and returned to us to be revised. Some people are saying since "99% of it is the same" we don't need to vote on it again. Additionally, they are saying, they can simply make minor changes and send it right back up the chain of command without a vote. There are a few issues with this: 1.) The 99% number is likely inaccurate. (It's probably closer to 90% though.) 2.) There is no record of this "vote" ever being taken. 3.) If this vote was taken, it was likely taken in an old/former department. (This is why I don't think our new department has a record of this vote.) 4.) The majority of people that voted "yes/approve" on it the first time would like to vote "no/do not approve" this time. (Those saying it is 99% the same are strongly suggesting we have to vote the same on it again and if we don't, then they have the right to say "you voted yes on it the first time" and since it is only minor changes, we can make those adjustments and send it right back up the chain again...) 5.) The majority of the people who would like to vote no this time also admit they would vote yes if there were a few minor changes first. However, the 99% people, don't want those changes as it would affect them (slightly) negatively (i.e., more work). So what does Robert's Rules of Order say about these issues? Do we get to or have to vote again when something is sent back for revisions? Once an issue is voted on (if it was; which is probably another issue in itself!), can we vote on it again and can we change our vote? Any other advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. We are to elect 3 members at large. 6 candidates are running. Our bylaws require that all positions must be won by a majority of votes cast. Because there are three positions, each member may cast three votes. Let's say 1 of the 6 achieves a majority in the first round of voting: do we have another roun with all 5 who did not make the threshold, or is the lowest vote-getter eliminated? Is the answer different if 2 of the six achieves majority the first time through? There is a clause in our bylaws that states that if no one receives a majority, then the top two candidates go to a second round, but that presumes three or more people vying for a single position instead of three slots, which is what we have here.
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