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Found 5 results

  1. One of our members is on a three-week-long official leave of absence. During that time, we are having elections for new members and our executive officers slate. Does a member on leave have the right to vote? She will be calling into the meeting to attend via speakerphone, which our bylaws permit, but is she considered an active member during that meeting and/or considered part of the quorum? If we are voting by ballot only, which our bylaws require, is she allowed to send in a ballot and thus vote, without actually appearing at the meeting? She is not permitted to vote by proxy but would have an actual ballot delivered. I’m having trouble finding the answer to this in ROR that I can cite. Thank you.
  2. I have a question. If RONR recognizes that if Minutes are distributed prior to the Meeting, then why is it that RONR still allows to request that the Minutes be read? If members have a copy of the Minutes and have had a chance to read them before coming to the meeting, it seems to me that it is dilatory to allow a member to request that the Minutes be read. Unless, of course, the member is illiterate - which is unlikely in this day and age.
  3. Guest

    Rights versus Powers

    Would someone kindly explain--and cite if it's expressly defined in "The Book"--the difference between rights and powers? Thank you.
  4. I have scoured the RONR and can not find a clear answer to the following: During a Board Meeting, not a Membership Meeting, that the Members and Public are invited to attend, what rights do the Members of the association have to speak? I understand that at a Membership Meeting (annual meeting of the members) they have all rights. But during the monthly "Board Meetings" that are not closed, since they are not "members" of the board, are they considered "Public" and technically do NOT have the right to particpate? Please quote pages numbers in RONR 11th. Thank you! This is a local sports Association that is governed by RONR. All members of the association are dues paying members. The monthly meetings are "Board Meetings" that are open to the public. Thanks.
  5. Guest

    "Member" rights ?

    I am Parlimentarian of an American Legion Post in GA. The first and most basic requirement for membership in the Legion is that a service member MUST have served an absolute minimum of one day under a Federal military unit. One could be in the Reserves or National Guard and if the above requirement was not met, that person would not be eligible for AL membership. We have a "member" who joined another Post in GA and then moved to our Post. The first Post he joined did not adequately research his military service and we have subsequently determined that he did not meet the above requirement. This determination has been investigated at our State level and they came to the same conclusion. This person asserts that he should have a vote in the resolution of the issue of his admitability to the Legion. My stance is that since he never met the above requirement, he was never a member of the Legion and thus could not have a vote in the resolution of the issue. Many Thanks - I welcome your views and suggestions.
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