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Found 2 results

  1. Our small organization has a conundrum that is not addressed by our bylaws. We defer to Robert's Rules in that case, so this is the situation. Our VP has been absent for more than three consecutive board meetings placing him out of order according to our bylaws. Our President brought this topic up to him back in May and informed him that he may be asked to leave the board under these circumstances. His response: "Do what you need to do." As far as we know, she never made that official pronouncement. Fast forward. Our last meeting was in May, then the June meeting was cancelled by agr
  2. Can you tell me if it is common practice, anywhere on the plant, to use a gavel in a small meeting (Toastmasters) for each main speaker? Our club transfers the gavel to each main leader, who comes to the lectern and to me, it looks ridiculous. I understood it to be only to open & adjourn the meeting. Thank you.
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