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Found 6 results

  1. What are Robert's Rules regarding Board of Education Public Meetings? I understand board members do not have to answer but can allow public comment, but what are the Robert's Rules if they allow questions after meeting adjournment? Isn't this then off the record? Is this legal? This is also then not included in video recordings of the meeting because it stops at adjournment. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Im trying to get some information together in regards to a council meeting ran under Roberts Rules. The question at hand is how is the correct way to start a meeting under Roberts Rules? When they appoint a secretary in the began does she have to record everything? what if she doesn't record the meeting at all does that mean it never happened with out the mins to view? i just need a better understanding of how you start a meeting under roberts rules this is new to me and i want to be plently informed thank you so much for you time
  3. RuthAnn Alexander Posted 3 minutes ago Reply to DiscussionOptions Dropdown I have a question about Robert's Rules of Orders and Motions. I am new to the Board. In order to have a motion placed on the agenda at a Board Meeting, the motion must be sent in advance to our General Manager for approval. I did this and had three motions placed on the agenda. When the time came for the motions to be made, instead of being given the floor, our president read the motions. On the first two occasions, as soon as the motion was read, another board official member raised their hand and was recognized. This member immediately made a motion that was opposite of my motion. For example, if the motion I had requested to present had been "I would like to make a motion to form a task force to review the dog barking policy", the recognized Board Member made the motion "That we do not form a task force to review the dog barking policy". There was an immediate second from another officer of the Board and this motion was approved. As the my third motion was being read by the president, I raised my hand so I would be recognized. After I raised my hand, another Board Member raised their hand and was recognized before me. Again a motion was made that was opposite of the motion on the agenda. Of course, a second Board Officer Member seconded the motion and it was approved. My questions: If I request a motion to be put on the agenda and it is approved to be on the agenda, should that motion not be made by me? If a motion needs to go through the General Manager for approval to be put on the Agenda, why didn't the other Board Member who made a different motion have to get approval to put that motion on the agenda? A Motion was made and seconded, then passed by the Board. The action was that all Board Meetings would be video taped and put on the HOA website within three days. A year later and this is not being doing. How can the owners get the Board to enforce this motion.
  4. Hello, Our small church is divided on topics which require a 2/3 vote to change bylaws/constitution and possibly leave our current denomination. There has been some confusion as some members seem to believe that there would need to be 2/3 vote just to leave things as they are. As I read Robert's Rules, I believe it means a 2/3 vote to make changes. Can someone help clarify this for me? Thank you.
  5. In its bylaws a nonprofit has chosen Robert's Rules for parliamentary procedure. A vacancy has occurred in the position of Chair. The bylaws state that the vacancy shall be automatically filled by the sitting Vice Chair. Now a majority of the directors are ignoring the bylaw succession provision and are attempting to hold an election to fill the vacancy citing Robert's Rules as their authority. I was the Vice Chair and upon the resignation of the Chair I sent notice to the directors that pursuant to the bylaws I was the new Chair. I believe that Robert's does not apply and that the bylaw controls. Discussion?
  6. I am posting in here because we need major help with the way our meetings are run. I believe that nothing voted on in this meeting was valid, and then there's the whole other issue of administration chiming in when they should not have. The issues begin toward the end of the video. Please give your opinions
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