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Found 2 results

  1. In the organization that I am a part of I am the chairman of our bylaws committee and we just completed a badly needed rewrite and re-organization of our disciplinary procedures. There is some question being raised that we do not have specific language that states what happens when there is a conflict of interest with the presiding person of the disciplinary hearing, which is the Vice President, and either the defendant or accuser. My question is, does this need to be specifically stated? And if so do we need to define what constitutes a conflict of interest? In my particular organization you can have a reasonable argument that a conflict of interest may exist in almost any situation as we are in a small town where most of the folks that have been around a while have grown up with each other and known each other for many years. Im looking for any guidance and wisdom you all may have on this. Specifically I need to know if Roberts rules addresses this situation... thank you
  2. Hello, I am confused and do not know where to find the rules or if it is even in the rules. I am currently the vice president of my student government association and the president is not allowed to vote unless it's a tied. Since the president of my association will not be able to attend a few meetings and leaves me to be the chair/facilitator do i lose my voting rights?
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