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Found 6 results

  1. If the Roll Call listed as part of approved minutes must be changed - does that require reconsideration/amendment of the minutes at the next meeting or can the Chair/Secretary simply update the roll and initial?
  2. If a voting member is present for not quite one-half of the meeting (and, therefore, not present for just over half the meeting), is that person considered to have attended or not? Is there a threshold of time in RROO that determines present or not? Or partially present? How would this be reflected in the meeting minutes? Thank you so much!
  3. Hi, We recently voted to appoint two board advisors to our school board. As such, these individuals attend the meetings regularly. Currently we do not include them in the official roll call at the meetings, but when writing the minutes, they have been added at the end as being present if they attend. My question is, is it okay (or required) to include them in the minutes stating whether they were present in the roll call section even though they aren't technically part of the board? If not, is there any need/requirement that this information be listed somewhere in the minutes? Thank you
  4. When conducting a roll call vote, is it permissible to call only those members who are signed in and present or must the entire membership roll be called? At issue is a neighborhood association meeting where the roll called was a list of those 40 or so members in attendance (signed in) and not the entire 220+ list of members. Thanks in advance.....Jim
  5. Our bylaws do not currently define the specific less-than-majority vote needed to order a roll call vote. Unfortunately, this leaves us with a majority requirement, useless for its intended purpose. In the absence of a roll call vote, can I get my vote on a motion entered into the minutes? (I anticipate an imminent controversial motion which I strongly oppose, but which may well pass with a slight majority.) I'd like my nay vote to be public. Thank you.
  6. Guest

    Calling of Roll

    What is the accepted system for the "calling of roll" at the annual meeting of a condo association where some owners are present and only vote for themselves while other other owners, who are also present at the meeting, not only vote for themselves but also vote on election of officers, motions, etc. using proxies provided by absent owners? In some instances, the president of the association is able to acquire proxies by default as part of the official announcement of the meeting and are able to control as much as 50% or more of the votes.