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Found 17 results

  1. Our non-profit has modified and changed contents around in our rule book. Do we have to read the entire document in front of an open board meeting before we vote on it ??
  2. Guest

    Stand at ease

    How does the chair call a stand at ease, and can members motion for it. Is it debatable or Amendable and does it need to be voted on?
  3. If a board votes on a motion made by a member (raised as a resolution to issue a contract to an employee that was non-renewed-Donaldson hearing) can the motion be made again at the next meeting or is that out of order? Specifically, a vote was made in regards to above which resulted in 4 Yes, 3 No, and 2 Abstentions. This vote required a majority of the full board or 5 Yay's. Later it was realized that a member which abstained was unaware of the full majority rule and wished to vote Yay. Only a No voting member couldld put the vote on the floor again at the same meeting and refused. Can this motion be made again at the next meeting? Thank you
  4. Our organization has no rules for membership. If you pay the yearly fee, you are deemed to be a member. Recently, however, the President and Vice-President of our organization wanted to deny membership renewal to a long-time member. Their tactic: if she tried to pay in person, the cheque would be refused; If she mailed her cheque to the President, he would not cash it or he would return it to her on the grounds that the organizations name was incorrectly stated; the amount was incorrect, etc. He then told the individual that membership could be granted if she were to meet with the Vice-President who would tell her what she needed to do to have her membership renewed. Obviously, this is infra dig but, in the absence of rules, how should the organization have proceeded?
  5. Guest


    I was asked to explain a new bylaw that I introduced that was up for a vote. After I was done speaking and voting members of an executive committee had an opportunity to ask questions, a gentleman that was not on the executive committee and had no voting rights gave a long winded opinion of why he did not think that this bylaw was a good one. This was unsolicited. I am wondering, under Roberts Rules, whether or not he had the right to speak at that time?
  6. Guest

    Election question

    We are electing a new officer (FS), two current officers want to run for the position (EB1 & EB2). Our bylaws state that EB1 and EB2 must resign their current positions to seek FS. This opens two seats. Nominations are in May, election is in June. The FS election will be votes on first. If the nominations for EB1 and EB2 are filled can the loser of FS be nominated and run on election night?
  7. Guest

    Election question

    We are electing a new officer (FS), two current officers want to run for the position (EB1 & EB2). Our bylaws state that EB1 and EB2 must resign their current positions to seek FS. This opens two seats. Nominations are in May, election is in June. The FS election will be votes on first. If the nominations for EB1 and EB2 are filled can the loser of FS be nominated and run on election night?
  8. Seeker


    Hello, I am confused and do not know where to find the rules or if it is even in the rules. I am currently the vice president of my student government association and the president is not allowed to vote unless it's a tied. Since the president of my association will not be able to attend a few meetings and leaves me to be the chair/facilitator do i lose my voting rights?
  9. The organization that I'm a part of has a Chairman of the Board who doesn't like to follow our Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regs, OR Robert's Rules. On multiple occasions this person has been told that they are indeed in the wrong and have not been following proper procedure and they have completely ignored me, made rude comments. Let's say he's just fallen short of having me removed as a member because I won't let the matter go. His actions of ignoring proper procedure have resulted in 2 members being voted out of their positions incorrectly. One being the former Chairman of the Board who was not present at the general membership meeting to defend himself or his actions that were called into question. The second being the former Chief, who at the same meeting had a vote of no confidence against him, which fell short of majority and 2/3. The next night at the Board of Directors meeting, he was voted out of his position (we require the full 9 BOD members there to vote a Chief in, but it says nothing about removing a Chief). The Chairman also has used his position to vote in a program that had to be suspended only after a month due to improper insurance coverage. Our organization requires that if an elected member (both who were voted out were voted into their position for 3 yr and 2 yr terms) is being voted out of their respective office, you MUST bring that person up on formal charges, have an investigating committee, and trial. These NEVER took place. Motions were made, seconded, and the matters voted on. The current Chairman of the Board had a very specific agenda that night and unfortunately, I seem to be one of the only people to ever really read into any of our governing rules and knew that they were in the wrong. Now we are dealing with this Chairman having voted in a program with the former President (who up and quit when he didn't like that people were still questioning his program) without proper coverage, putting our members and our organization at risk. What steps do we need to take to have this person removed from their position? Given that he is an elected board member, must we follow the rules or can we make a suggestion that he resign from his position to save him and us the embarrassment of a trial. Thanks you in advance for any answers and suggestions!
  10. Guest

    Rules or Bylaws?

    I would not like to be very specific to my concern on this question, so I would like to present an imaginary scenario that mirrors my concern. Let's say an organization has bylaws that require someone to show proof of owning a car in order to join. However, the officer responsible for reviewing this proof has determined that all cars must be equipped with airbags and a cd player. While most potential members can oblige this standard, not all can, and those who cannot and desire membership are told that they must equip their vehicles with these 2 items before being allowed to join. The standards of the bylaws have not been violated, however these additional requirements are negatively affecting some members of this organization. My question is, "Is there a Robert's Rule" that deals with this kind of situation? I'm not very educated on this and am trying to learn.
  11. Guest

    Board minutes

    Our Board has opted to have a minutes secretary take notes at the Board Mtgs. Should she submit the minutes to the Board Secretary first for approval or can she send them to the full Board? Also, can she sign them with the Board Secretary's title/name. We are a very new Board and want to follow the correct rules.
  12. We, a newish small HOA, have recently completed the process of revising our bylaws (a successful endeavor, with thanks to those who answered questions here). Now we, the Board, are needing to clarify policy regarding access to the fenced storm pond. It is part of the HOA common area, however its sole purpose is for runoff control. We have legal responsibilities for maintenance of that pond with the city and a requirement to keep the fence in good condition and a lock on the gate. The question before us is should there be any other reason a homeowner can go into the pond. There are half a dozen properties which are adjacent to the pond area. For example if a ball is inadvertently tossed there, or an adjoining property fence needs repair, or an adjoining property wants to mow the grass just outside their fence in the pond area to get a better view of the ducks on the pond. I believe it is on the Board's shoulders to clarify and communicate what our decision is about access to the pond, and we will be meeting to write up those "rules". What I'm not sure about is where those rules would sit in the hierarchy of governing documents. Would we have a separate set/book of HOA policy maybe? This may not be the correct forum and I'm not sure Roberts Rules has bearing, aside from process, on such supplemental documents. But thought it worth asking. Thanks Laurie
  13. Our HOA CC&Rs set out the authorization for an Architectural Control Committee. There is only one statement in it where the Board can give direction to the committee. Otherwise the committee is authorized to have the primary responsibility to interpret and enforce the rules and regs set out in the CC&Rs. There is one point where the Board can give direction I believe. It states: "The Architectural Control Committee shall adopt such reasonable and uniform rules of architectural control as the Board of Directors may prescribe , including, but not necessarily limited to the following:... " where it lists a couple of bullets about new structures and outbuildings. I would like the Board to be proactive (I'm President on the Board) in setting some direction for some of the rules they should follow. One of them dealing with fencing (there are some others). What I'd like to have set out as a rule is something like: " 1) All lots shall maintain external fencing in good condition and of the style prescribed in SECTION J of Article II of DCC&R. If variance is sought to install fencing of a different style it shall be of the following specifications: [specs for 1 or to options to go here] 2) Fencing along the parameter of the storm pond shall not include a gate into to the pond tract." Procedurally, how would I go about presenting that at our next Board meeting? Would it be a motion to direct the ACC committee to adopt the rule? And if the Board passes that motion, is it then a done deal the ACC must (shall) adopt it or will they have the option of deciding to adopt it? Thanks Laurie
  14. Guest

    Can You Be Interrupted

    When you have the floor can you be interrupted?
  15. Guest


    "A majority vote is needed to adopt a motion" is what is stated in RONRIB but I do not find anything for a motion to adopt. Is there a difference?
  16. If our board creates a "rule", where is this to be recorded? It would seem that if we made a few rules, there could be a list attached with, as an adendum to the bylaws--or something like that. It seems that a rule could get "lost" in the minutes, but it also doesn't seem to rise to the level of inclusion in the bylaws--how should this be handled or where should this be recorded? If we have a new member, I'd like to be able to hand them the bylaws, a list of any rules we have, and recent minutes.
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