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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    Call the question

    After a motion has been made and a second follows, the chair asks for discussion. After discussion has come to an end, and a person is recognized to speak, they announce "I call the question" does the membership have to move, second and vote on "calling the question"? Or do you just procede to the motion that was on the floor and vote?
  2. Guest

    May a Mover vote "No"?

    Hello RR pros. Here's my two-part question: May an individual who introduces a motion (i.e., the mover) vote "no" once the motion goes to vote? Is there a specific provision within RR which discusses this (or is it merely permissible by way of not being disallowed)? Thank you in advance!
  3. Guest

    Committee Resolutions

    Does a resolution/motion coming forward from a committee need a second?
  4. Can a motion be amended before it has received a second?
  5. must the motion to accept and the second to accept minutes be made by a member present at the meeting from which said minutes develop? or, may any member move or second to accept minutes regardless of their attendance record? motion on approval of minutes
  6. Guest

    Vote on Adjournment

    Is a vote required for adjournment even if the "adjournment" is listed on the agenda following necessary business and a motion to approve the agenda has carried previously? I've been told by some that the person presiding over the meeting can simply say "we're adjourned" without taking a vote in this instance.
  7. Guest

    Withdrawal of a second

    If a motion is seconded and discussion ensues, can the second be withdrawn by the person who seconded the motion? I ask this question in the context of the following: I made a motion. The Chairperson seconded the motion. The Chairperson asked me to amend my motion with the Chairperson's recommended changes. I suggested to the Chairperson that my motion should be voted on first and then the Chairperson could make another motion with their proposed action which was not in conflict with my motion. The Chairperson then said "I withdraw my second". No other members were solicited for their discussion by the Chairperson during the previous discussion before the withdrawal of the second. The Chairperson then said "your motion failed for lack of a second". The Chairperson did not solicit other Members to second the motion after the Chairperson withdrew the second. The Chairperson then made a motion identical to my motion with the changes that the Chairperson wanted in the motion. The motion was seconded and passed. Did my motion fail for lack of a second? I don't think so. Either because a second cannot be withdrawn or because the Chairperson did not solicit other Members for a second to my motion before making her own motion.
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