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Found 9 results

  1. Per bylaws, regular meetings are quarterly in months 3, 6, 9, 12, but bylaws allow cancelling meetings. In March, they cancel the June meeting, and a main motion MM is pending. MM can't be postponed to the next regular meeting (September) because it is more than a quarterly time interval. But is seems to me that in March you could schedule an adjourned meeting for August to continue the current session, and postpone a main motion to the August meeting, and if the August meeting lacks a quorum and adjourns, then at the September meeting the motion would automatically come up as unfinished business (a general order not reached at the August meeting). Postponing in March to the August adjourned meeting (5 months later) because it is in the same session. And the standard order of business applies because they usually have regular meetings quarterly. Is this correct?
  2. The time for the next meeting of a current session may not be scheduled by which one of the following? 1) through a program adopted at the beginning of a convention; 2) by a motion adopted at the present meeting; 3) at the call of the chair if provision has been made; 4) by a specification in the privileged motion to adjourn. Thanks in advance for clarifying.
  3. On the first session (and first meeting), resolutions were to be dealt with. Four were approved, one was postponed indefinitely, and seven were postponed until a certain committee was present. Does the next meeing (or session) start with the postponed seven resolutions, or do they start with the new agenda before the seven resolutions? Note, the charter is nearly completely devoid of meeting procedures.
  4. Can a member of a non-profit board call for an executive session?
  5. Guest


    What is the proper procedure to come back from an Executive Session and go back into an open session meeting?
  6. RONR does not allow electronic or telephonic meetings without it being clearly stated in the bylaws. From what I have read RONR does not speak to electronic session, therefore as electronic sessions allowable since RONR does not specifically mention it? Is traditional ever a factor in RONR? For example, if telephonic meetings have been conducted for many years with no objection by was not authorized via the bylaws can they still be done after an objection? Since these meetings were not allowed in the bylaws does that nullify the meetings including the votes?
  7. There seems to have been a concentrated number of violations to the rules at the last (aborted) annual meeting of our association (HOA). Here's what happened. The Annual Meeting of our association had been properly noticed (10 days). However, at the time the meeting was supposed to start, it became obvious that a quorum would not be established. The Chair never called the meeting to order (no words to that effect were pronounced by anyone siting at the presiding desk). The President of the Association simply called off the meeting indicating that a new date would be decided upon shortly. Nobody objected and everybody left. Questions: 1. Did the meeting/ session even start? (no call to order) 2. If the meeting is called to order and a lack of quorum is established, can the Chair simply decide to adjourn? 3. If the Assembly had voted to fix the time for the adjournment, would there have been notices requirements? (The Bylaws require 10 days to notice a meeting but nothing is said about noticing an adjournment). 4. Did adjourning the meeting sine die close the session? This was supposed to be our Annual session at which elections were to take place. If the session is closed, what do we call the next meeting (Annual meeting or special meeting) and does it need to be noticed? How do we get out of this mess?
  8. I have two related questions about balloted elections and business sessions in a church setting. We have three worship services each weekend. We do balloted elections for two items a year: approval of the budget and election of deacons. In the case of the budget, all discussion and amendments has been done in a single business session the weekend before. In the case of the deacons, a slate is presented to the church via publications and then voted on. (The bylaws specify that the slate as brought by the nominating committee is the only persons that can be voted on, as the nomination process has been completed before.) In both cases, at each service we call the church into business meeting, hand out ballots, vote, collect the ballots, and adjourn the meeting. Having recently been made moderator, I have had to brush up on my Robert's, so I am aware that we are actually holding separate "meetings" within one "session." Here are my two questions: 1. Since the only item of business is the ballot vote, we are in effect only holding an election. Is it necessary to actually call the church into business session, or can we just hold the election by passing out and collecting the ballots? 2. At this year's budget discussion, I led the body to use the motion "fix the time to which to adjourn" to end the discussion business session and specify that we would vote that coming weekend. Was this the correct motion to use? Thank you, in advance, for any advice you can give this new moderator.
  9. Guest

    Executive Session

    Are members of a board of a club who participate in an executive session meeting held to a standard regarding the confidentiality of the discussion in executive session? If a board member reveals to an outside party details of a discussion held in executive session, what remedies are available to the board/organization?
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