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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I am looking for guidance on a few questions related to special committees and standing committees. First, our bylaws say the president can "appointment all committees otherwise not provided for." There is a standing committee in our bylaws that sends out various cards for graduation, weddings, showers, etc. From what I've read in RONR, a special committee performs a specific task and essentially goes away after completion. I'm a little confused because this sounds like a special committee to me however other members believe this should remain as standing. Can someone advise on the type of committee this would be? My follow up questions if this is a special committee, would an amendment have to be submitted to remove it from the bylaws? Lastly, would the president then have to appoint this as a special committee and where should duties of a special committee be? Can you please reference pages so I can refer back to? Thank you for your help!
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