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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    Special Meeting Notice

    Our Board set a date for a Special Meeting to discuss one topic only. The date was set at the Regularly Scheduled Board of Directors Meeting. Following the meeting some new information was received and the Board President thought it best to "move ahead" the date of the Special Meeting. She followed our Bylaws and gave a one week notice of the new date of the Special Meeting. Prior to calling the meeting she contacted each member of the Board to see if they would be available. 7 of the 9 could be in attendance. Now, one of the two who could not attend claims that since the "Board agreed on a meeting date in full session, to call and change that date and not have all dissenting board members present might be against the rules." Can anyone tell me if we are breaking any of Robert's Rules?
  2. the association has monthly general meetings. a special meeting was set to discuss one urgent matter. only that matter was on the mailed notice /agenda. [some members did not come because they did not care about that matter. after the discussion and resolution of that special matter, the president introduced additional matters, which the assembly duiscussed and voted on. members who chose not to come now feel blindsided and claim that this was illegal. was it? yoram
  3. Hello, I asked a question a few days ago regarding Special meetings, and was told (from what I gathered from the very knowledgeable and lengthy responses I received that what is proposed in the petition to hold a special meeting is the only thing that can be placed on the Agenda and discussed. My question this time is that, If a motion to DENY a request was brought from a committee, then the motion to DENY the request failed when voted on by the whole organization, can this motion be brought back up in the special meeting if it had been previously been brought up in a previous meeting, yet is not specifically listed in the petition.
  4. I'm a new member of a condo board (secretary). Our president and the treasurer have been at odds since the first meeting. The president called a special board meeting at a very inconvenient time without mentioning any topic. I asked him about the purpose of the meeting and he said "to take care of some housekeeping." I asked another member and was given the same runaround.The treasurer and I could not make the meeting for work and personal reasons. In the the special meeting the other 3 board members removed the treasurer and appointed a condo owner in his place. (By-laws say the board elects/replaces the officers, but is not specific about removal). The treasurer was never told of the specific offenses or given a chance to defend himself. It's obvious they had already talked about this and intentionally left 2 of the board members out of the conversation (while including a non-board member in the discussion; the new treasurer). From what I have read, a topic/reason should be included in the announcement of the special meeting. Any thoughts.
  5. My union called for a special meeting to discuss a new department order that was put out. 2 days latter, and before the scheduled date of the meeting, that order was rescinded. At this meeting motions were made to expend funds and contact attorneys even though the order was completely rescinded. Is this a legal meeting or should it have been cancelled?
  6. What governs the reconvening of an adjourned special meeting when no specific date or time was set at the adjournment only the President's statement she would give a full ten day notice? Can the President in the absence of a motion to adjourn or motion to fix time to adjourn, exercise a perogative to reconvene with under 48 hour notice? Is she excused from providing the normal notice time of ten days for non-emergency? If notice is given which does not allow all members the chance to attend or some members receive notice after the meeting has taken place, is it an illegal meeting?
  7. Guest

    Special Meeting Format

    Per our Bylaws, members of our soccer club requested a special meeting of members, gave the date, time and attached the agenda - it is stipulated that the President must send out the notice. The meeting is in regard to BOD's actions - unethical, deceptive etc., under the direction of the Past & current President. The President has yet to send out the notice as required - no less than 7 days prior to meeting - it is this coming Sunday. I am not sure what we can do about the notice not having been sent out yet, but my questions are: 1). Who runs/chairs the meeting (nothing in our Bylaws states who chairs a special meeting requested by members)?; 2). Is the BOD allowed to act as the BOD's or as just members like the rest of us?; 3). Agenda items listed the possibility of a "Possible Call for Vote to all members" thinking it meant the members can force the Board to put it to a vote for all members to vote on. However, does it mean we as members can set forth a motion to be voted on and vote on it? If so, how do we accurately start the meeting and how do we specify what we will be voting on? 4). Who takes the minutes?; 5). The Board President has asked: "In preparation of this meeting, would you please clarify BOD by law violation?" - this is one of our agenda items. Why & what would they need to prepare for the meeting as it is our meeting?
  9. Our bylaws list an order of business for membership meetings which includes "reading of the minutes". We normally only have one Annual Meeting although special meetings are provided for in the minutes. Does this mean that when a special meeting is held (for bylaws change) that the minutes of the last annual meeting should be read and approved? Is it also required to entertain old or new business since those are also listed in the order of business? Or can I ask for the membership to approve an agenda at the beginning with any of these options?
  10. If your by-laws allow for a Special Meeting of the membership to be called by either the President or the Board of Directors, and the President is reluctant to call such a meeting, can it be inferred (assuming there is no other verbiage present) that only a majority vote of the Board of Directors would be sufficient to allow this action?
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