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Found 7 results

  1. PattiBelle

    ByLaw Interpretation

    I am treasurer of a women's organization with bylaws that some interpret differently. "Who" gets to decide how wording will be interpreted when there is a difference of opinion by a very small, but vocal minority of past officers? A proposed budget was tabled at a recent meeting in order to obtain clarifying info from me (the treasurer) who was out of the state. Now, less than 3 of 36 members want to have the 2018 year-long budget approved by email vote in a special meeting. The other members have not had any opportunity to weigh in or discuss the budget. Our by-laws state: "Special meetings may be conducted via email as long as the topic consists SOLELY of A spending issue." (My caps & bold) I maintain that passing a budget is NOT SOLELY A spending issue. It requires a motion, discussion and ultimatley acceptance of all income sources and projections, all line item expenses & projected reserves. After the budget was tabled, one of the vocal few decided to submit a budget with increases on 2 proposed budget line items, obviously projecting a (significantly) lesser ending balance year end. She (a past president and treasurer) maintains all this can be approved via a Special Email meeting. I'm saying "huh????" on so many levels! It was our president's first month in office and first meeting. Can you help sort this out?
  2. Guest

    Professional Speaker

    I have a group that I am working with that has a 2/3 requirement for quorum. The board has 6 members, so 2/3 would be 4. Do they need 4 plus the chair designated in their bylaws to conduct a meeting, meaning that 5 would actually need to be present? Or would they have quorum with just any 4 members even if the designated chair is absent? Additionally, this is not a regularly called meeting of the board. Their bylaws specifically state that only the president can call special meetings and he did not. The other board members are attempting to hold a special meeting without the president and vice-president (the designated chair) present. Would this be allowed under Robert's Rules? Thank you!
  3. Guest


    In putting together the agenda for a special budget meeting of the board of directors, do we do the same things we would at a regular meeting like review minutes from the previous meeting, review financial reports, etc., or since it is a special meeting does the agenda only reflect the special items?
  4. Guest


    If an unscheduled meeting is called to discuss a specific topic or topics can (a) the chair arbitrarily add a topic or ( can the committee add a topic at the Special Meeting?
  5. Under our Bylaws, a Special Meeting of Council can be called by petition. We now have two Special Meetings of Council that have been called by petition: - one takes place on November 2 at 11:30am - the other takes place on November 2 at 12:00pm What happens if the first meeting is still taking place at 12:00pm? Should I wait for the first meeting to finish before calling the second meeting to order? Or should I call the second meeting to order and have two meetings running simultaneously?
  6. Our group would like to communicate directly with the membership prior to a special meeting called to consider our member proposal. Is there a formal procedure for gaining access to the membership rolls?
  7. When a Society's Bylaws define Special Meetings in the following manner: "Special Meetings may be called by the President or Executive Board and shall be called upon the written request of ten members. Except in case of emergency, ten days notice shall be given." and the state's General Statutes define Special Meetings in the following manner: " A corporation with members shall hold a special meeting of members: (1) On call of its board of directors or the person or persons authorized to do so by the articles of incorporation or bylaws; or (2) Within 30 days after the holders of at least ten percent (10%) of all the votes entitled to be cast on any issue proposed to be considered at the proposed special meeting sign, date, and deliver to the corporation's secretary one or more written demands for the meeting describing the purpose or purposes for which it is to be held.", when the required percentage of members request an emergency special meeting with a specified meeting date, time, and place along with specific purpose and reason for emergency, can the President (1) disregard the emergency and set her own date at some time to be determined in the future up to 30 days out; (2) is the Secretary responsible for immediately sending the member emergency special meeting to the members upon reception of the request? Thank you.