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Found 4 results

  1. Guest

    Special meetings

    Per our Bylaws: Special Meetings of the Board may be called for a specific purpose, requiring consideration before the next regular Board Meeting. The Chair, or a minimum of two (2) Board members, may call a Special Meeting of the Board. Agenda and notice of such meeting shall be publicly posted at least twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled meeting date. Such notice shall state the reasons for such a meeting, the specific business to be transacted at the meeting and the time and place of the meeting. Situation in question: The Board Chair has called a Special meeting for
  2. A notice for a special meeting of a local chapter (to be held September 25) goes out and the only agenda item is "Election of Officers." The bylaws state that members in good standing may vote. Conversely, you are not in good standing for a litany of reasons including "...not paying the membership dues for the new fiscal year by the designated date." The new year begins October 1. The designated date was September 20 and again the election meeting is September 25. A few members feel the meaning of the bylaws is ambiguous and thought that good standing would be taken away in the new fiscal yea
  3. We had a Special Called Business Meeting convened. Meeting was called to order and Agenda was read. Member requested to read a statement into the official record as part of the meeting. Second member made a motion to move the stated agenda to the regularly scheduled business meeting for the following reasons: - meeting agenda was not announced at two consecutive meetings prior - agenda items to be voted on were in violation of the Constitution & Bylaws which stated those items must be carried out at Regularly scheduled business meeting. Our Bylaws state we will follow Rober
  4. Can the chairperson of a committee call a Special Meeting without notifying all committee members of the date, time and place of the Special Meeting?
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