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Found 4 results

  1. Can the public be allowed to speak at a public special meeting? We recently had a special meeting to discuss nursing students and vaccine mandate policy. Approximately 15 nurses showed up, but none were allowed to speak. Our general meetings always have a public speaking section near the beginning. The Chair said public speaking was NOT allowed because it is not allowed by Roberts rules at a special meeting. I would argue that the chair could allow it. They published (email) the meeting agenda without a public speaking line item. I asked for it to be added and was denied. I simply want to know if the public could be allowed to speak at such a meeting if the chair or a majority of the board so wished… thank you
  2. Guest

    Special meetings

    Per our Bylaws: Special Meetings of the Board may be called for a specific purpose, requiring consideration before the next regular Board Meeting. The Chair, or a minimum of two (2) Board members, may call a Special Meeting of the Board. Agenda and notice of such meeting shall be publicly posted at least twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled meeting date. Such notice shall state the reasons for such a meeting, the specific business to be transacted at the meeting and the time and place of the meeting. Situation in question: The Board Chair has called a Special meeting for the following purpose: "... to dispense with our unfinished business and start March with a clean slate." The items on the agenda are from the past several months and none of them are time-sensitive. Rather, the meeting is to make up for the Board Chair's inability to set an appropriate agenda and lead a productive meeting. When I have brought up my concerns to the Chair and entire Board via email that the Special meeting provision in our bylaws is not being used appropriately, the Chair has simply ignored my email and not responded. Other Board members have reached out in support and several attempts in February to schedule a Special meeting feel through. However, the Chair sent out an agenda yesterday for a Special meeting this Friday evening at 7 p.m. I guess he finally got a quorum. What, if anything, can I do to stop the meeting, either before or during the meeting? I do plan to submit a Director's motion for the next regular Board meeting, which is Tuesday, March 10, to allow the Board to discuss and address this issue. However, I am concerned that the Board chair won't put my motion on the agenda.
  3. A notice for a special meeting of a local chapter (to be held September 25) goes out and the only agenda item is "Election of Officers." The bylaws state that members in good standing may vote. Conversely, you are not in good standing for a litany of reasons including "...not paying the membership dues for the new fiscal year by the designated date." The new year begins October 1. The designated date was September 20 and again the election meeting is September 25. A few members feel the meaning of the bylaws is ambiguous and thought that good standing would be taken away in the new fiscal year, not the current year which ends September 30 and for which they have been financially and actively in good standing. They want to invoke the principals of interpretation of the bylaws during the special meeting because they are current in their membership dues for the current year and the new year as of September 21. 1) If one of the members brought forth a Point of Order that the election is wrongfully prohibiting members from voting who should be able to vote because they are in fact in good standing for all of the other reasons and the election is being held in the current year for which they are a paid member AND they have paid for the new year by September 21, is that a point well taken? 2) Would it be germane to move to interpret that bylaw section because the meaning of when "not in good standing" status is invoked is unclear AND that ambiguity is adversely affecting members' voting rights for the election?
  4. We had a Special Called Business Meeting convened. Meeting was called to order and Agenda was read. Member requested to read a statement into the official record as part of the meeting. Second member made a motion to move the stated agenda to the regularly scheduled business meeting for the following reasons: - meeting agenda was not announced at two consecutive meetings prior - agenda items to be voted on were in violation of the Constitution & Bylaws which stated those items must be carried out at Regularly scheduled business meeting. Our Bylaws state we will follow Roberts Rules of Order. Since the meeting was started and statement was read into the official record. Motion was made, seconded, an voted on to move the agenda to the regularly scheduled business meeting should meeting minutes be kept as part of the official record? Some argue that since the meeting agenda was ruled and voted on as out of order no meeting minutes should be kept. Others argue that since the meeting was called to order, agenda read on the floor, member read a statement into record, and motion was made and voted on minutes should be kept. I am currently reading RRofO looking for a reference that might cover this question. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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