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Found 3 results

  1. Can a public hearing be conducted by a Common Council if a quorum is not present? The published Public Hearing (PH) notice states a PH will be held before the Common Council on a specific night. There will not be a quorum present on that night. Because there will not be no quorum, a Council meeting agenda will not be done, and no meeting will be held. The agenda would have listed the public hearing as well as other agenda items, again no meeting agenda will be done. Can the Council still assemble to listen to public comment? Can they ask questions? Since there will not be a meeting agen
  2. My board is going to need to discuss some financial matters that will affect my job as the Director of Development. My Executive Director would like me to be in the closed session so I can get the specific details. Is this permissible to invite me in?
  3. Is it permissable to ask staff to leave when discussing staff compensation and performance?
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