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Found 7 results

  1. If an elected member of a standing committee from a society has missed all ( or X number of ) committee meetings (consecutively) then are they removed from the list of committee members? I'm asking mainly for how to calculate quorum.
  2. Can a Standing Committee be made up entirely on persons who are not members of the organization? We are a Fire Company working to incorporate an existing Ladies Auxiliary for 501C3 compliance. The argument is we can just make them a standing committee with a seperate set of bylaws that does refer back to ours for discipline, harassment, and a few other areas without making them a type of member of our organization. I say they need to be a class of membership that is set up with a set of bylaws that follow next to ours but has a seperate level of membership requirement from firefighting or else
  3. Hello, friends-- First, thank you all for the help you've provided me in the past; it has been indispensable to helping me fulfill the duties of parliamentarian for my society. I have what I think is a very quick, non-urgent question. I have looked through RONR 11th and can't seem to find a direct answer to this: If the procedure for the appointment of chairs of standing committees is not established in the by-laws (or anywhere else for that matter), and the committee chair's seat vacates after the initial appointment of a chair (for example, when the committee chair's term is up), i
  4. Guest

    Standing Committees

    Good afternoon, I have several intermingled questions about the authority of a standing committee. I chair a standing committee and fundraising is one of the tasks that is listed in our bylaws. Our chapter president told me that I am required to present a proposal, with details of the fundraising event, to our Chapter in order to get approval. The chapter president said a motion is needed for the event to be approved. My preliminary understanding of a standing committee is that the committee can move forward with tasks as established by the bylaws. Are motions for approval required for st
  5. We are considering to add a new standing committee to our bylaws. This committee would be appointed by the President each new year following elections of officers as our other standing committees that are in the bylaws. Is the correct procedure to first present the new standing committee as a motion to add to the bylaws to allow the members discussion? Would this be done by the President or the Bylaws committee? Then the Bylaws committee would present the updated wording of the bylaws and we would follow the process that is in our bylaws to notify all of change. Then have the vote to
  6. Hello - I am struggling to figure out if our Board of Directors is able to appoint Committees to work on various projects. We are a small Board of 10 who meets monthly. We report to the general membership once a year. We want to appoint committees - both standing and special - who would work on projects and report to the Board. The Board would in turn vote on recommendations, then report to the annual membership, so the Committees don't have actual power. Is this allowed, or do we need to have the general membership vote in the Committees. The bylaws give the President the power to appoi
  7. If my taxing, municipal org's bylaws include statement defining the role/function of each standing committee, for this example let's use "policy committee," and bylaws state that the policy committee shall create, craft, discuss and offer to the board new policies, would it be improper then for the board president acting apart from and without the board's knowledge, to craft new policy with someone in the organization but not on the board or a member of the policy committee?
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