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Found 12 results

  1. If a member of my org. moved, for example, that a given strip of parking spots be reserved for members of the Executive Committee, and the motion was adopted, does it constitute a standing rule? He did not explicitly state that he was creating a standing rule—as I am sure almost no one in my org. knows what that is—but both the intent and effect was the creation of a permanent rule. He also did not state that he was creating a bylaw. The org. has done this a few times—created a rule by a motion that has a permanent effect. I have gone through the minutes and compiled these as standing rules. Was I right to do so?
  2. Standing rules. I can find reference to them in RONR and can find the methods to adopt/amend them. But it's not clear who the governing body is that does the voting. Is it the Board or is it the Membership? For example, if the bylaws establish an election committee and it is desired to specify the election process it would behoove the organization to put the process in standing rules rather than in the bylaws. Does this standing rule have to be adopted by the membership or just the board? And, should it be desired to change the process, would the board alone be able to change the standing rule or would it require membership approval? Another example, the board would like to establish a reimbursement policy for members (board or general membership members) for those who incur expenses in support of organization business, say, pay $100 for attending a meeting requiring overnight stay. Again something that should be in a standing rule vice bylaws. Can the board establish the standing rule or does it require full membership approval? As I work this issue I find myself asking "Who owns the 'rule/policy'?" It seems like the body that owns it (i.e., is going to abide by it) should be able to establish/modify it. But, it seems like it if affects the organization then the membership should have a say. Standing rules/policy should be flexible, but full membership approval to adopt/modify it makes it as timely and cumbersome as bylaws changes. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  3. All - thanks in advance for your guidance. It has been 15+ years since I have held parlimentarian duties, and I am very rusty with regard to RROR. The by-laws of my organization dictate that our body must hold 2 meetings per calendar month: "...the First monthly business meeting shall be held on the first Tuesday of the month. The second monthly meeting shall be held on the third Tuesday of the month..." Traditionally, the organization has held a business meeting on the second monthly meeting. Our new leadership, however, wants to use the 2nd monthly meeting as a meeting time for the executive committee. Given that the by-laws did not specifically note that the second meeting of the month necessarily be a business meeting, can we pass a standing rule to specify that the second monthly meeting be a non-business meeting? Any insight would be very helpful. Thank you!
  4. Our organization has bylaws and standing rules. There are some standing rules that should be moved to bylaws. All standing rules have been previously approved by majority vote of the votging members present at the meeting. Must they each be presented to the membership for approval to become a bylaw? or can they simply be "moved" into the bylaws?.
  5. JAK


    Can a fundraising support group which falls under the bylaws of a large medical nonprofit be governed by standing rules or rules of order? Currently, we have our own "bylaws" but they fall under the nonprofit's bylaws. Should we / can we instead create a set of standing rules to govern our support group?
  6. Do standing rules rank above rules of order? In RONR it lists standing rules on page 18 after rules of order. In the for dummies, it says standing rules are higher than rules of order. Am I missing something? On the 300 question test http://www.parliamentarians.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/List-of-300-questions.pdf, questions 43 and 44 imply that rules of order rank above standing rules and it references the same set of pages (including page 18).
  7. Good morning, Quick question: We recently hosted our association's annual conference and all appointed officers and chairs are "officially" called to conference. The conference chair is on the property and basically available 24/7. The Standing Rules indicate that if are on official business of, expenses are to be reimbursed. However, if you are the conference chair, you do not get reimbursed anything (including per diem and mileage). It would appear that these rules contradict one another as our conference chair incurred expenses over $500 for this corporation, but the corporation refuses to reimburse her. What would be the next step? Is there anything in Roberts Rules that explain a contradiction in rules? Thanks Maria
  8. Our club has many historical practices which aren't in our by laws. Is there a section in RR that discusses their inclusion into the by laws or standing rules?
  9. Is it necessary to state that our organization is governed by Roberts' Rules of Order in either our By-laws, Standing Rules of Articles of Incorporation?
  10. Do Standing Rules that have been adopted by an existing Board of Directors automatically carry over to a newly-elected Board? As an example, we have a Standing Rule in place that says that the President must have served at least one year on the Board of Directors. Does this standing rule need to be honored by a newly-elected Board when they are appointing new officers or does the new Board need to create its own Standing Rules?
  11. Guest

    Question on Decorum

    I am the advisor for a college fraternity. The Chapter President, on my recommendation, banned the use of cell phones during meetings. I had told the chapter that the Chairman had authority over decorum in meetings, and had the right to restrict the use of cell phone unless someone wished to overturn his decision. It was brought to my attention today that Robert's Rules of Order only explicitly grants the chairman the power to enforce decorum during meetings. I looked around and saw that most parliamentary bodies actually have legislation (standing rules or rules of order) that dictates what decorum will be for meetings. The fraternity currently has a dress code, but no standing rules or rules of order. Does anyone know what the standard protocol is for decorum when the organization has no written legislation on decorum? Does the chairman usually decide decorum until a policy is written? Is it decided by custom/tradition? Is it something else entirely?
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