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Found 6 results

  1. Recently my student council ruled that the provision listed below was satisfied by an email sent to students the day the election nominations closed reminding students of the deadline. “If only one person is nominated, the Chair, after ensuring that no members wish to make further nominations, simply declares that the nominee is elected, thus effecting election by unanimous consent or acclamation.” I don’t understand how a reminder email before nominations closed (which didn’t inform members that nominees were running unopposed) could satisfy this provision. I understand that the c
  2. The Student Union I represent held a referendum back in 1991 to create a levy that students would pay over the term of 30 years for a new student centre building. The 30 year loan will be paid off in year 28 but the student centre is taking on a new capital project that is associated with the building that will take 2 years to complete. The cost of this new project is being lumped into the 30 year loan with a refinancing from my university. Our Union has been asked if we could extend the levy past the 30 year term even though the loan will have been paid off. Within Roberts Rules, do I
  3. Hi! I'm brand new to ALLLLL of this, so thank you in advance for helping me however you can. the nutshell version: Is there a way to 1) see if an organization is using RR without even realizing it? Like maybe the student government established RR/Parliamentary Procedure as their standard many years ago, and the language got lost of the years. Are there certain markers I could look for to see this? and 2) if not, can I use RR/PP anyways when it comes to helping us make a major decision? Can it just be a catch-all standard? longer version: issues with voting and elections in student
  4. I am posting in here because we need major help with the way our meetings are run. I believe that nothing voted on in this meeting was valid, and then there's the whole other issue of administration chiming in when they should not have. The issues begin toward the end of the video. Please give your opinions
  5. Question. Can a previously passed motion which had a expiration date be rescinded after that time period had past? This relates to the context of a student referendum issue. The council is trying to say they no longer hold a position/opinion on a issue but had already voted in favour prior to the closing date of that referendum. So now have flipped flopped but the referendum has closed. Is this a valid motion?
  6. Hi everyone, Could use some feedback on this one. Our current elected student body president was accused of harassment on several levels. This was in the performance of his duties. He pursued a female student and in hopes that he would win her over, offered her an appointed position, when she refused his advances, because she did not want to be more then friends. He believed it was because she was not into guys and started to push God on her and require her to go to church, read the bible if she wanted the position. He even wrote a commitment letter stating these things and had a conversatio
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