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Found 2 results

  1. Our town council is made of 5 members and 1 chair (which only votes on ties). During our last meeting one member was absent resulting in four members and the chair being present. We had a motion that was seconded and debated. During debate one member stated they would abstain due to possible conflict but was angry because he felt the action would result in action not agreeing with his position. Debate continued for almost an hour - A member called to question because several other items remained on agenda The call to question was seconded and sent to vote the member which stated he would abstain from the main motion voted on the subsidiary call to question which resulted in a 2-2 tie and chair voted no - resulting 3-2 majority vote.and discussion continued. After further discussion the "abstaining member" motioned to table the main motion until next meeting, when the absent member would be present to vote and ensure the vote would go in favor of abstaining member's position. The motion to table until next meeting was seconded and resulted in a 2-2 vote of members and chair voted yes - resulting 3-2 majority vote to table. I have a couple questions First - can an "abstaining member" make a SUBSIDIARY MOTION or vote on a SUBSIDIARY MOTION If either of these are not "Proper", how do you correct if at the following meeting all members are present.
  2. If a main motion and a subsidiary motion that was reconsiderable failed, does adopting motion to reconsider subsidiary motion after the main motion failed bring back main motion for consideration as well?
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