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Found 3 results

  1. I understand that the exact wording of a motion should be stated by the chair when putting the question to a vote and when re-stating the question so that it is officially pending. Are there any other instances where the chair must say the exact wording of the motion or can they simply refer to it as the pending motion. For example, if a recess took place while a secondary amendment was pending, when the chair calls the meeting back to order, do they need to say "We will now continue debate on the motion to...." or can they simply say "We will now continue debate on the pending secondary amendment"? I can see the first wording getting extremely wordy and confusion if the chair had to constantly state all the pending motions verbatim whenever an interruption like a recess or question of privilege occurs.
  2. Can postpone definitely and commit be applied exclusively to lower subsidiary motions or do they need to be applied to a main as well. In the event that they are applied to a main motion, are any subsidiary motions dissolved? Thanks!
  3. Guest

    Subsidiary motions

    How many subsidiary motions can be made?
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