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Found 7 results

  1. Our small organization has a conundrum that is not addressed by our bylaws. We defer to Robert's Rules in that case, so this is the situation. Our VP has been absent for more than three consecutive board meetings placing him out of order according to our bylaws. Our President brought this topic up to him back in May and informed him that he may be asked to leave the board under these circumstances. His response: "Do what you need to do." As far as we know, she never made that official pronouncement. Fast forward. Our last meeting was in May, then the June meeting was cancelled by agreement. In June and July the board failed to gather a quorum, so the meetings could not be held. Now, our President has resigned effective immediately, handing the reins to our out of order VP. We have asked for an emergency meeting of remaining board members to be called, but we hear nothing from the VP. Yes, we have a mess on our hands. We would like to go ahead and call that meeting and not wait for the VP. Time is of the essence and he has been AWOL for most of 2019. What is our point of order in this situation? We are a little stumped. Thanks for your input.
  2. We have a situation where our President resigned effective immediately and a week later the VP resigned effective immediately as a result of not wanting to fill the role of President. What now?
  3. Guest

    Order of Succession

    What is the order of succession according to Robert's Rules and where is it found in Robts Rules? If office of President and President-Elect is vacant, what happens to board?
  4. Guest


    The President resigned & there is nothing in the bylaws except: when the office of the President shall become vacant, the House of Representatives shall elect an acting president. The candidates for acting president shall be limited to the seven elected officers. This duly elected officer shall become acting President, and shall serve until the next regularly scheduled election. The Election Committee is given authority to manage elections. Regular elections are date certain, but nothing else is mentioned. The next House meeting is Nov. 20. So between now and Nov. 20, as Chair of election, what actions should I take? There appears to be 3 factions.
  5. Our organization has an Executive Committee consisting of Pres, 1st VP, 2nd VP, Secretary, Teasurer and Ex-Officio Past Pres. The Bylaws authorize the Executive Committee "to transact business for the membership...and to appoint replacements in their numbers as necessary." It also states who assumes the Pres duties in the absence of the Pres - the 1st VP, the Pres and the 1st VP absent then the 2nd VP assumes the duties. On August 29 - the 1st VP resigned and sent it directly to the Pres. The Pres then proceeded to designate an appointee to the position. She did not call for a meeting of the Exec Committee to confirm the appointment and assumed she had authority to do so on her own. On Sept 5 - the President resigned sending the resignation to all the Exec Committee including the appointee. Two days later she told her appointee that the appointee as 1st VP was now Pres. Meanwhile, the 2nd VP had obtained a copy of the 1st VP resignation, contacted the Secretary, Treasurer and Past Pres to schedule an emergency meeting to address the resignations, and to appoint the replacement for the 1st VP. Once the Exec Committee accepts the resignations...doesn't the 2nd VP automatically become President. Or do we need to accept them in the order that they were submitted? Thank you for your help!
  6. The president of the fire company resigned . Our by-laws say that the vice president assumes the duties of the president. Is it necessary to elect a new president at the next meeting or is it necessary to elect a new vice president.
  7. Outgoing president announced resignation in advance to Board and then at meeting of members (effective at the end of that meeting) President stated that nominations will be taken for the vacated presidency. Member of board corrected president clarifying that the position vacated is that of VP and the VP should take president's job for the remainder of the term (no specific rules exist for the association) President got testy and demanded to immediately have the RONR rule pointed out. While board was member looking for rule in RONR, VP declined and stated he wanted to stay VP, but would take on president's responsibility only until the next monthly meeting. What happened next was that the board member searching for rule decided not to hold up meeting and deferred to VP's wishes (not familiar with brand new book and never thought that issue would be challenged...thought it was common knowledge and practice) This is a completely volunteer association and no one felt VP could be compeled to comply. Also, he is a good person to stay as VP to keep any president in line (we have a lot of prima donna/dictator wanna-bes waiting in the wings). One motion was made and seconded (no vote) for a nomination. President announced nominations would be accepted up until and including the next monthly meeting at which time the election would take place. What should have happened? Thank you.
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