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Found 4 results

  1. RONR-12th 2:23: "Rules that have any application outside a meeting context... cannot be suspended." PART ONE: Hmmm. Why so absolute? Must we infer that any appended "suspension clause" is therefore null and void? Consider the following hypothetical rule: "Resolved, That members shall park their cars in the parking lot and not on the street fronting the meeting hall. Any cars so parked will be towed. This rule may be suspended, in a particular instance and for the benefit of a particular member, by a two-thirds vote." The parking of cars is most definitely outside a meeting
  2. A member asked to suspend the rules, by which he meant suspend the bylaws. (If the bylaws were suspended, in this case they would also have violated local law.) What is the appropriate response from another member? *** One member objected to the question (to suspend the "rules" [bylaws]). The chair ruled that member out of order and failed to rule on the objection. 1) Would it be appropriate to request the record reflect the members objection to the question? (There is a legal duty that also applies in this instance--thus the question having the objection noted.) 2) Assuming the request to s
  3. P. 418, line 33: "unless the voting body directs otherwise…": Would such "direction" (presumably a motion to destroy the ballots right away, or the like) require (only) a majority vote or, in the light of the sentences following which lay out a very clear rule as to what to do with the ballots after the election, require a 2/3 "suspend-the-rules" vote to adopt?
  4. Guest

    By Laws

    Can you suspend By-Laws.
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