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Found 12 results

  1. We are a 501-c-6, non for profit business organization. Our annual elections of officers and board are covered in the bylaws in great detail: Qualifications of candidates in May, elections voting etc. in an election general meeting in June, term starts July 1. The association is in turmoil, and consultants advised to scrap the annual election now in progress ,extend the term of the current administration to September, and hold the annual elections then. Proposed and seconded to 'suspend the rules', to scrap the current election process, extend the current board's term, a
  2. Could a member move to suspend the rules to allow the chair to enter debate? Or is there another more appropriate motion? And yes, I realize this is inadvisable.
  3. I recently encountered a situation where we had a "motion to suspend the rules" to discuss a topic that was tabled. The motion passed, we had a discussion, but no one knew the proper form to exit the motion. This led me to wonder, what is the proper motion to end suspension of the rules. I flipped through RONR but wasn't able to find anything. Does anyone know what section covers this?
  4. My organization wishes to adopt the following rule of order. Is it permissible to have a special rule of order that cannot be suspended?
  5. Say the officers of an organization are a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, listed in that order in the by-laws and, per RONR, elected in that order. However, following several rounds of balloting for vice-president, it becomes clear that the vice-presidential election will take much longer than expected, posing the risk that quorum will be lost (as members leave as the night drags on) before the last two elections can take place. Would it be in order to suspend the rules and elect the secretary and treasurer before the vice-president?
  6. “No rule protecting a minority of a particular size can be suspended in the face of a negative vote as large as the minority protected by the rule” ([11th ed.], p. 261, ll. 15–17). But the “vote required for adoption” of Suspend the Rules is two-thirds, “except where the rule protects a minority of less than one third” (tinted p. 27). (1) Can a rule that protects 10 members be suspended by a vote of 20-10? Page 261 says no, but tinted p. 27 indicates yes. Should tinted p. 27 say “less than or equal to one third”? (2) As I understand the general principle, suspending a rule that prote
  7. "In order that there may be no interference with the assembly's having the benefit of its committees' matured judgment, motions to close or limit debate are not allowed in committees" (RONR 11th ed., p. 500, ll. 18-21). Q1: Can this rule be suspended? Q2a: If not, by what cited rule / principle, on pp. 263-264, or elsewhere? Q2b: If it can be suspended, does the p. 261, l. 15 rule ("no rule protecting a minority of a particular size can be suspended in the face of a negative vote as large as the minority protected by the rule") cause Suspend to require at least one more vote
  8. RONR (11th Ed.), page 501, lines 11-13 states, "During actual deliberations of the committee, only committee members have the right to be present." Also, starting on page 500, line 22, RONR states, "Committees of organized societies operate under the bylaws, the parliamentary authority, and any special rules of order or standing rules of the society which may be applicable to them. A committee may not adopt its own rules except as authorized in the rules of the society or in instructions given [page 501] to the committee by its parent assembly in a particular case." My question is this.
  9. In my review of RONR, it is my understanding that it is never in order to suspend the rules in bylaws unless provisions for suspension are included for a particular rule or are clearly in the nature of a rule of order. I take this to mean that even a Board who has the authority for governing the maintenance and operations of the club in regard to functions and activities, cannot suspend the rules and make changes to our bylaws without due process of membership ratification. During a bylaws committee meeting, one of the members made a statement to an officer of the club that the Board had a
  10. Suppose a society adopts RONR as its PA in its bylaws, and has a quorum of 5. Over time the membership drops to 4 with no change to the quorum requirement. At a meeting with all 4 members attending, can they suspend the rules for quorum and transact business? It appears to me that the new language in RONR 11th edition, p. 263, l. 20 through p. 264, l. 5 along with its footnote would allow this, so long as the body meeting has authority to amend its quorum requirement when it has a quorum (and meets whatever other procedural rules are prescribed for amending the quorum). Also, is this a
  11. The Nominations Committee (NC) consists of 2 board members (president and past president with the past president chairing the NC) and 3 non-board members. I am 1 of the 3 non-board members. As required in the bylaws, the NC was appointed by the board. The NC met and prepared a list of 9 candidates for election to the board of which there were 6 open slots. One candidate withdrew their nomination so that left us with 8 candidates to fill 6 slots. The NC agreed to have an elections in which our members would be able to vote in person at the future scheduled meeting in May or by absentee vot
  12. Our bylaws stipulate that the president shall appoint all committees (of the board or the membership) special or standing. Is this provision in the nature of a rule that can be suspended by the membership at its annual general meeting?
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