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Found 13 results

  1. Our Bylaws state: Member: Defined as member in good standing. Member in good standing shall: (among other things) Have no active disciplinary action against him/her per the current disciplinary grievance policy. Question Background: We have a member who was placed on suspension by the BOD for one year in November 2019. She appealed the decision and had a hearing at a general membership meeting with a quorum. The membership upheld the suspension. Policy states the membership decision is final and the case is closed; however, she continues to fight the decision and has threatened legal action. Membership renewals close January 31. We received her membership renewal application and check. She is not allowed on the property for one year, or until November 2020. My interpretation of our Bylaws state she cannot be a member because she has an active disciplinary action against her. Question: Anyone see another interpretation of the Bylaws as stated? What do we do with her check?
  2. Can a motion be made to suspend (or place a "hold") the constitution and bylaws of a Student Government Association? We generally don't meet quorum (we're working on that), but say we do, if it's absolutely necessary for this motion to be put in place, is it possible? How can I word that? I'll be trying to find as much information as I can before the General Assembly Meeting this next Wednesday.
  3. I have a quick question. I know that a By-law which creates a rule of order can be suspended, just like any other rule of order, however would the organization, when creating such a By-law (or series of By-laws) could not add a statement that "Any Rules of Order found in theses By-laws cannot be suspended." I do not see a reason why this would not be allowed, especially as the By-laws would supersede anything found in RONR (in this case the rule about suspending rules of order.) I am thinking that any such statement would be acceptable, but I thought that I would ask for feedback. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. Hi all - After months of contention between members, our Board recently voted to impeach one of our officers of the Board. Per our Bylaws, the officer is suspended pending the outcome of a hearing. Since this officer's position is crucial to the well-functioning of the organization, the Chair has inquired about temporarily replacing that member with a new appointee pending the outcome of the hearing. Our Bylaws are silent on the matter of appointing temporary replacements following a member's suspension. The Bylaws just say that a suspended member loses all rights and privileges associated with Board membership. Question: Since our Bylaws are silent, are there any procedures under RONR that allow the Chair to appoint a replacement for a suspended member? Thanks in advance! Any references to RONR are appreciated.
  5. Guest

    Suspending by-laws

    Our bylaws state that "all questions of parliamentary procedure not provided for in these bylaws shall be conducted under Roberts Rules of Order". They also require public notice of seven (7) days preceding the day fixed for a Special meeting. Because he was wanting to expidite the appointment of a committee member who couldn't be voted on that night, our moderator said he was suspending (per Roberts Rules) the bylaw of 7 days notice and giving a three (3) day notice of a Special business meeting. Our bylaws have no provision anywhere for suspension. Is this allowed under Roberts Rules?
  6. My blind center has ben taken over by a new e.d. who doesn't abide by bylaws or robert's rules of order as spelled out in our bylaws.I reluctantly became involved because of this abuse. They "postponed" elections for a year and said that's not eliminating our elections specified in bylaws. The E.D. wanted to work with "her" that she stacked with people who don't have the qualifications stated in our bylaws. People have been termed,out but still are on board. They refuse to listen to my objections which they only give me 3 minutes at board metings and interrupt me. Now they won't let me talk at all. I have been sworn at and called names, so i made complaints to the e.d. Before they could resolve the complaints against people (some on the board), they voted to suspend me for 6 months even though they don't have that right in our bylaws. They voted in new suspension procedures ( the day they suspended me) without having it voted in by the full membership as required in our bylaws. They do whatever they want and have had most reasonable people refuse to rejoin the center. My friends only remain to fight legally, but can't get the board to acknowledge or care. This while they are ruining our center and losing $27K per quarter. I went to ou membership meeting yesterday were our donors were complaining and they said I wasn't allowed in the building. I refused to leave and the police were called. The officers understood my position, but said they would have to arrest me for trespassing because the letterhead said I was suspended. The police wanted me "to be the bigger man", so I reluctantly left. They said it was a civil matter I would have to pursue. Because we are located on property leased from the City of San Diego I have been talking to them but they aren't sure what to do except tell me to pursue it civilly. I've read where I have to take it to CA State Court to have them abide by the bylaws. HELP!!! We don't have the money and don't know what to do. We can't vote them out because too many people were mad and didn't renew their memberships or can't afford it (low income disabled). Does anyone Know California law and can help us out. We're very frustrated. Thanks
  7. At my department we have a men's side and a lady's side. The lady's side has their own bylaws they follow as well as the men. There is nothing in the men's or lady's bylaws regarding this matter. One of the lady's members were brought up on charges and suspended. Weeks later it was brought up on the men's side to review the charges by a committee of the men. My questions is, can the men undo what the lady's have set forth? Or can we only make a recommendation? Thanks
  8. In our organization, we have a "mother" organization with several associated regions who affiliate by annual dues. Within each region, there are several clubs. The regions are expected to be in conformity with the mother organization. Each club is expected to be in conformity with the regions. This particular region has violated our bylaws by refusing to pay certain fees (the clubs voted by a 2/3 majority not to pay) which then resulted in late fees added. The mother organization simply went ahead and placed them in "not good standing". During our 2012 meeting, we heard from the President of that particular region during our Executive Council meeting and were told of the "issues/reasons/excuses" to which the Executive Council (made up of all the regions and the mother board) denied the reason for non-payment. We also barred the President from being involved in that meeting and the next subsequent meeting of the day by taking away both voicing and voting rights for that day's meetings. 8 months later, the region wants to appeal the fees and late fines. They have demanded that we use our appeal process for the upcoming 2013 meeting. The problem is (other than 8 months later) - our appeal process is geared towards individuals/clubs who may have violated the bylaws, code of conduct, ethics, etc. We have a full appeals/grievance process for that. But our bylaws do NOT have an appeals process for the region itself. If a region is suspended or placed on probation, that includes the entire regional membership. Is there any specific citation of the suspension/appeals process for items not in our own bylaws for handling this? If at our 2012 meeting, the decision was to deny their excuse for non-payment and it was further reported in the larger delegate meeting and no one objected, wouldn't that become the "official" act after the meeting ends? Even though there was not a motion made to suspend or place the region on probation, it was still reported that they could not voice nor vote at the 2012 meeting due to the decision of the Executive Committee. The response/answer to this will bring about at least 2 more questions. Thanks.
  9. We have a member of our organization who has acted in an extremely unprofessional manner. What are our options to discipline this member? We want to him to have consequences for his actions but we would also like to have a path to reconciliation with the group. Can we suspend his membership for a year? What is the proper procedure for doing that? Or does anyone else have a better suggestion? Thank you, Nancy Thomas
  10. Guest

    Suspended Member

    When a member has been suspended, what is the definition of suspension? I take it to mean no affliation with the origanization at all. They are not to represent to origanization in any way or form. Please help, need this clarified.
  11. Our Bylaws state: "Elections shall be held at the annual meeting of the Branch. " and "The report of the nominating committee shall be presented to members at least two weeks before the election. " At our annual meeting in March, one of the Co-Presidents stated that because the members were not given at least two weeks notice, we would defer the election to the next regular meeting, which was held in April. The election was held at that time. Several questions have now arisen: -Was the election in April "legal" since our Bylaws call for the election to be held at our annual meeting? Is any further action required to ensure that the officers who were elected in April are duly elected? -Could we have "suspended" the requirement for two weeks notice and held the election in March? -In general, can a "rule" such as when the election be held be suspended when it is part of the Bylaws? Thanks very much!
  12. Guest

    disciplinary hearings

    In an Ecclesiastical association, a member has been judged guilty by the members. The members were asked to terminate membership, they voted no. They are being asked to consider suspension. Having said no to termination, what might be the proper justifications for suspension? How long of a suspension might be prudent for each scenario?
  13. A member of the society is charged with a severe crime, though nothing directly related to his membership. Many members feel that with this cloud over the member, it will damage the society for the charged member to continue his membership unimpaired. Still, many members are concerned about removing him if he should demonstrate that he did not commit the acts he is charged with in court. It could be argued that the charged member has engaged in "conduct tending to injure the good name of the organization," just be placing himself in a position where he was charged. 1. Could the member be tried on that charge? (My guess is yes.) 2. If yes to #1, could the penalty inflicted, be "suspension until there is a verdict in the criminal trial?" 3. If yes to #2, could the be tried for any information brought out in the criminal trial (including a verdict of guilty)?
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