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Found 10 results

  1. An item on our agenda came up. A motion was made to approve it, seconded and discussion. During the discussion it was determined that we were missing something. So a motion to lay on the table until next meeting (I believe it should have been a motion to postpone, but it was made to table). It was seconded and passed unanimously. So when it comes up next meeting, how should we proceed if we wanted to follow Robert’s? Does someone make a motion to bring from the table, or is it implied since the motion to table specified the next meeting, is it already “there” for discussion on the ag
  2. In a board meeting (#1) for a student government, a main motion was moved. It was then moved and agreed to 'table' the matter until later in the meeting, which was understood in the sense of a motion to postpone to a certain time. When that time in the meeting arrived, it was again moved and agreed to 'table', or postpone to a certain time, namely the next meeting. The next meeting (#2) was held on schedule, but consideration of the 'tabled' motion was not resumed. I'm aware that the term 'tabling' was misused, and also that a motion to postpone indefinitely would have been better. Given
  3. Guest


    My board is searching for new institution leadership. We have tabled a recommendation for new leadership pending further search. We will have several new trustees joining the board and a few leaving the board between the time the meeting when the topic was tabled and the next meeting, is there protocol to be followed with the new trustees?
  4. A meeting is held in which a substantive motion is being contentiously debated and time has run short. A motion to table is made and passed by a 2/3's vote. Putting aside whether this is a poper use of a motion to table (I believe it is not), if a motion is made to "un-table" then does it require a majority vote or a 2/3's vote; does it depend upon the nature of the underlying motion that was tabled?
  5. The main motion is being debated. A motion is offered (and seconded) to postpone the motion to a particular time (time certain). Can the motion to postpone to time certain then be tabled? (One reason for doing so might be to schedule a special meeting before the proposed time of postponement?) If the motion to table is in order, and is subsequently adopted, what happens to the main motion? Is it still debatable, but a motion to postpone is out-of-order? Or, since the motion to postpone was tabled, that effectively puts aside the main motion too.
  6. 1. If something is postponed indefinitely, what is the procedure for unpostponing (I probably made that word up but it works for me) it? 2. I understand that if something is tabled then it must be untabled (perhaps another made up word) no later than the next meeting. If it is not untabled, is the original motion allowed to be reintroduced at a later time? Thanks. This forum is extermely helpful to a rookie!
  7. Guest

    Tabled issue

    If an issue has been tabled to the subsequent meeting and then once that meeting arrives, the board no longer desires to address the topic, does the issue die or does their need to be action taken (such as move to table indefinitely or vote to leave as is)?
  8. I was absent from our last two meetings. When I read the reports I saw that in the November meeting the Council tabled a motion to create education programs. The next month, I read that the Council simply passed the educational programs, there was no mention that the motion was taken off the table. Can I before the minutes are approved in January, point out that the educational program was passed incorrectly and that the motion was first tabled and that it needed to be taken off the table, then voted upon. Since it was not voted upon correctly, the actions of the Council in December, are null
  9. When is it acceptable to ask for an agenda item to be tabled? I am currenly the President of a School Board and last night an item was brought up. There was a motion to accept an item that was presented by our superintendent and was seconded, we then had a member object the motion by suggesting the item be tabled. I ruled the motion to table out of order and then asked for a vote on the motion. Was I correct in ordering the motion to table out of order? I made this decision because this certiam member always wants more time to make a decision as they always seem to not want to make har
  10. When a committee chair makes a motion that is seconded can that motion be tabled without a second or a vote, or should it be withdrawn? A question about point of order was made about which committee should actually be making the motion during discussion.
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