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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    tabling motions

    I will be helping with a high school competition in PP. I received the contest "problem" which had been used in a national contest today, which includes the pretend minutes of a meeting from which they glean the information they will use to present the competition meeting.. In these problem minutes, they report a motion which was tabled to the next meeting. I have always been told that tabled motions should (must) be handled at that same meeting....that postponing was the way to do that correctly. If I use these minutes to train this new team, which I have been encouraged to do, how do I ex
  2. I'm facing a situation about a tabled motion that may come up in our next stated meeting. I understand that the motion can be made to 'take it from the table'. I understand that this motion requires a second. I also understand that it is undebatable. What is unbebatable? Is it merely the motion to remove from the table or is it the matter that has been tabled? I'm getting conflicting opinions. Some say that the entire matter is undebatable. Others say the only undebatable matter is whether to take it from the table or not. Once that is completed the once tabled item is to be treated
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