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Found 2 results

  1. Election night is tomorrow for our organization. It appears that we are going to have more participation than usual which is wonderful, however it might lead to a very late night. Our bylaws and constitution call for 2 tellers. The actual wording is "presiding officer shall appoint two tellers". Is there any wiggle room there to use more than two tellers or are we to strictly abide by the text and have exactly two? No more, no less.
  2. Good morning. Our organization nominates candidates to serve on a board/committee by means of a paper balloting process over the course of 3 weeks. Members sign their ballots and write-in their selections. The current board is to collect the ballots and take those selections and tally them. Those candidates with the highest votes are then to be looked at to see if they are quaified and then if they are williing to serve. Then those who have the highest votes and are qualified and willing are brought before the full membership for election. In the most recent of these processes a list of the nominees was brought before the membership and voted upon. Subsequently, out of the meeting, a member asked a specific question of the board concerning candidate "Mr. X" whom they were surprised did not make the list for election: did "Mr. X" receive more votes than the candidates brought up for election? The head of the board replied that such information is not to be given out to others but kept within the board's records. The member was not satisfied with this reply. Does the membership have the right to ask for a report or summary with the numbers of ballots/votes that were submitted in a nomination process and the number of votes that the candidates received?
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