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Found 10 results

  1. Good afternoon All, I was hoping I could get some professional advice related to term limits and filling vacancies for non-profit organizations. I'm a Director on a nonprofit hockey organization and we have our annual general membership / election coming up in January 2020. The position of President is up for election. The current president would like to run again, however, there is question whether he is eligible because he served 1 year of a previous Presidents term, who resigned, in addition to serving a full 2 year term he was elected for in 2018. Essentially, he has served as Pre
  2. Our Board has gone through a dramatic few years since Hurricane Harvey, and we are heading into 2020 ready to break ground on a new building. The current president is completing his second term on the Board. According to our bylaws, he will be no longer on the Board beginning January 1, 2020. However, the current board president is advocating that he should remain on the Board for one more year as Immediate Past President. ( I have read other threads on this forum regarding whether or not to have an official IPP position on the Board. This may be something the Board needs to address.)
  3. This is a non profit Board of Directors. Our bylaws provide for term limits of 4 consecutive 2 year terms and then a member must be off of the board for one year. Officers may only serve one 2 year term in their office. We do not stipulate what happens if a board member only has 1 year left on their 4 consecutive terms and is nominated for a 2 year term as an officer. Is there any guidance in Robert's Rules of Order for this situation?
  4. The President of our association resigned, so according to our bylaws, the 1st VP assumed the role. Along with this change, the 2nd VP was appointed 1st VP and Hospitality co-chair appointed 2nd VP, all in line with our bylaws. (Even though they are elected positions in the case of resignations, position may be appointed. We went through the necessary steps to resign and appoint.) This happened mid-fiscal year. Our bylaws state, "a person shall not be eligible to serve more than three consecutive terms in the same office." Since the new officers assumed their roles mid-year, and were not elect
  5. Guest

    Term limits

    Board member termed out after 2 two year terms and could not be re elected. 2 months later a member resigns so can the President appoint the member that termed out back on to the board to fill vacancy?
  6. Our Board has 6 year term limits. An elected term is 3 years. A board member has served for 4 years (he took over a partial term of another person). Can he run for another 3 year term despite the fact he can only serve less than 2 years of the term due to the term limits?
  7. Board member was elected in June, 2012 but term starts January 1, 2013, should they be automatically privvy to board information once their election is confirmed a whole 6 months in advance. This would include confidential member emails and other ongoing issues since election? I think not, because that would change the term to 2.5 years instead of the required two year term. Also, this person was voted on by members of the board and the vote is confirmed during the annual meeting by the membership during the "does anyone oppose" section of the meeting. Therefore the term was voted by the me
  8. Our bylaws state "All officers shall serve for two-year terms." A controversy has arisen as to whether the officers are limited to one 2 year term or if they can serve multiple terms that are 2 years in length. Any thoughts?
  9. I am a member of the city library board which has its set of bylaws that define terms as three year with no term limits. 5 of us on that board are "elected" to be presented to that board by our private club that established the library many years ago. Our "club" bylaws indicate 3 year terms with 2 term limit....five of us were so elected 2008 to be presented to the city to serve. The city, to keep a staggered term situation so not all would leave at once, had us draw straws for a 1 year, two year, three year term. I drew a one year term, serving 2008. I reupped with the city for a three ye
  10. Our youth sports board has not followed or up dated bylaws since 2006. I got on the board 2 years ago and have met a lot of resistance to follow them. We have husband and wives as officers of the board. The Treasurer is lax at doing her job and has had other people do her deposits for her. Now that we have new blood on the board, that I help recruit, is trying to convert them to do things her way. She and her husband are officers on the board and were going to share the board, however she has now convinced the new president that she should remain treasurer while her husband is another off
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