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Found 3 results

  1. Based upon an extraordinary circumstance such as this pandemic, may a President/Chairman extend the terms of of office of the current leadership for one additional year when the bylaws otherwise require they be elected annually? If so, under what doctrine could she base this decision?
  2. Hello! I am on the advisory board of an organization. Our board president just resigned. Our by-laws do not provide provisions for this, except one stating that special elections can be help as necessary and that we are governed by RONR. So i know that, as vice-president, I am now effectively president. My question comes in as far as terms go. The president was in the first year of his two year term. I was in the second year of my two year term. Our bylaws also state that no member of the board can serve more than 4 consecutive years (2 terms) without a year absence from the board. I will be at the end of my 4th year this year so would be due for a required roll off. Additional quirk- our bylaws were only adopted this year, as we were in great transition with board structure before then. So do they retroact back to when i started on the board 3 and a half years ago? Do i serve out the term of the office of the presidency or what would have been my term as VP? Thanks! ~Theo
  3. One would assume that all notes, files, etc. owned by the governing body of any organization would be turned over to the newly seated officer immediately upon the changing of the seats, but I find no reference in RR's. Thank you.
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