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Found 7 results

  1. Based upon an extraordinary circumstance such as this pandemic, may a President/Chairman extend the terms of of office of the current leadership for one additional year when the bylaws otherwise require they be elected annually? If so, under what doctrine could she base this decision?
  2. Hello! I am on the advisory board of an organization. Our board president just resigned. Our by-laws do not provide provisions for this, except one stating that special elections can be help as necessary and that we are governed by RONR. So i know that, as vice-president, I am now effectively president. My question comes in as far as terms go. The president was in the first year of his two year term. I was in the second year of my two year term. Our bylaws also state that no member of the board can serve more than 4 consecutive years (2 terms) without a year absence from the boa
  3. One would assume that all notes, files, etc. owned by the governing body of any organization would be turned over to the newly seated officer immediately upon the changing of the seats, but I find no reference in RR's. Thank you.
  4. Hi, We are in process of electing new members to our booster board after some members have stepped down. Our bylaws state that when you are elected to that board, your term is 2 years. There has been some discussion about whether or not a current board member needs to enter into the general election if they are just switching spots. i.e. someone moving into the treasurer position from another position on the board would not require a vote from the membership because they still have 1 year left on their term. The opposite argument is that the 2 year term is for that specific position, and n
  5. Guest


    Ok I hope you can follow The organization I belong to is thinking about doing two year terms for the Board of Directors. The current bylaw say the pres elect will take office of president after serving one year as president elect. The slate was voted on last spring so the current PE should take office on June 1,2015 We are voting on two year terms next month The current PE if we vote in two year terms would like to do a two year term as PE ( meaning she does not want to take office till June 1,2016 and allow the sitting President serve an extra year as well. A member says we cant do that
  6. Our by-laws state that directors can sit for a 1 or 2 year term and may be voted for a consecutive term at the annual meeting. We are to stagger terms so only half the board is voted on each year. This is the first annual meeting since these by-laws came into effect. We did not specify terms of any current directors. One has been there for over 10 years. One has been for 3 1/2 years. One for 1 1/2. 3 others are less than a year. How should we initiate this? Start with the 3 that have been the longest and vote on the 3 remaining next year? Going forward, we need to establish the term when we br
  7. According to our organization bylaws, no board member may hold an officer position for more than three consecutive terms (1 year each). It has been brought to our board's attention that our current chair has served more than three consecutive terms. Now our chair is being asked to step down for the remainder of the term. According to our bylaws, the vice chair should step in and serve as as the chair for the remainder of this term, but the vice chair doesn't want the position.. So, what happens now based on Robert's Rules?
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