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  1. Guest

    Ballot Guidance

    I belong to a local social club that was established about 6 years ago. This club in not incorporated. The board has made a recommendation to its membership to modify the name of the club. A written notice of a pending motion to vote to amend the by laws and modify the name of the club. The written notice was mailed to all club members within the time frame (10 days) of the meeting for a vote to amend the by laws with the name change. The notice stated the bylaws as they stand today (CLUB NAME: Valley Club), and the proposed by laws change (CLUB NAME: Big Valley Club) . My questions are directed towards the correct procedures related to: Amend the by laws and its procedure and the verbiage related to the ballot. 1)before the vote, a motion is made to amend the by laws and modify the club name. After the motion is made, does it need a second? 2)Once the motion is made, does it open up to membership for discussion? 3)How is it sent for a vote? does it need a motion for a vote? and does it need a second? and does the membership vote to send it to a vote? 4)by Ballot Vote, How should the ballot be written so the members understand what they are voting on? 6)Do they mark the ballot with an "X" For or Against? Approve or Not Approve? Yes or No???? 7)For verification for members only to vote, should they print and sign their name on the ballot? or not sign the Ballot? The vote to amend the by laws requires a 2/3 vote of the membership present and voting. Also, the by laws refers to the name of the club in a different article and section of the by laws. My question is 1) is there a way to include this change of the club name in the other parts of the by laws in this vote 2) Does it require another notice to amend the by laws to change the club name as stated in the other sections of the by laws 3) Could the changes be automatic to keep the bylaws germane and consistent? I would like to assure that the vote proceeds fairly with due process. thank you for your help and guidance Mark
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