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Found 6 results

  1. Guest


    Hello All and thank you for being here: Voting for President of a Club Can the incumbent president vote for themselves? In this case if the incumbent votes for themselves it causes the vote to become a tie. Shouldn't the president's vote be used to break a tie and not make a tie? Oh! We do NOT have a Vice President in office. Thank you, Barry
  2. Hi All, Our Board is comprised of (3) Executive Board Members and (3) Directors What happens when there is a tie vote? Also those on the Executive Board hold multiple positions: One member is the President, Treasurer and Director, can that person cast (3) votes? Thanks very much.
  3. How does the RRoO address tie votes in an annual election of directors in a commercial condo association.
  4. So question: an P&Z elected board of 5 has a meeting 1) the Chair is not present 2) Another member is not present 3)Vice Chair seats 1 alternate and goes on with meeting there are now 4 there = quorum 4) planning & zoning issue goes to vote 5) 1 member & Vice Chair vote no 1 member & alternate vote yes 2:2 tie ++++++ ? Should vote fail because of tie ? ?Or should issue be held pending tie breaker Vote of Actual Chair Person
  5. A public board has a total of 9 members, 7 are present for a meeting so a quorum exists. A vote arises with 3 in Ayes, 3 Nays and 1 abstention. The motion does not pass, correct?
  6. Guest

    Assistant Treasurer

    Our town had a special town meeting to discuss and vote on the town purchasing a property. We did a ballot vote and ended up in a tie. The moderator did NOT vote. Once the ballot clerks told him it was a tie, he announced it to the people and then said the moderator casts his vote to break the tie. He voted in favor of the purchase. Now a few people are saying that that is not legal/proper way and that the vote should be cancelled because it was a tie and that the moderator can't break it because it was a ballot vote. We are trying to find some clarity on this. Thank you!
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