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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    presidential voting

    At our recent semi annual meeting the mailed in ballots from a district were counted and a winner was declared. We then had a premembership meeting with executive committee and just the results was declared. We then had our membership meeting and the winner was installed in office. The newly elected board was having a meeting following the membership meeting and I asked for a report on what the vote was. They said they counted the ballots and it was a tie. So, they notified the President to break the tie. They keep saying the President CANT vote which is incorrect so they asked the President to declare who he voted for and then pulled the ballot and declared the other person the winner. This all was done on a tuesday, today is friday three days after the fact. Can a point of order be raised and the secretary be ordered to resubmit ballots in the mail to the district, this time not mailing one to the President so he can wait to vote in case of a tie or to make a tie at that point whichever they decide? This just makes me feel "off" if I do not say something here to the board. My feeling is once the vote was counted and the president had their vote included to make a tie the election should have been completed and new ballots would have to be issued. Going back and pulling the Presidents vote after the fact seems odd. The presidents friend was one of the people running and it actually hurt his friends chances at being elected to the board.
  2. A committee of 8 is charged with electing its own chair. The vote resulted in a 4 - 4 tie. What is the appropriate way for the chair to be elected? Where in Roberts Rules is this addressed?
  3. Can you revisit or reconsider a motion at a subsequent meeting that failed for lack of a majoriy vote? There was a tie vote because one member was absent. If the motion can be revisited or reconsidered who is the proper person to request reconsideration? Is it the person that was absent or can any member ask for a reconsideration?
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