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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, If a a nominating committee, or other committee, vote ends in a tie, does the president of the borad, cast the deciding vote?
  2. Guest

    ties in elections

    Our board has an election coming up next week. As our president has just resigned we are left with an even number of members and the likelihood of a tie is great. How is this handled? Our by-laws do not permit balloting, but instead require a show of hands. Thanks.
  3. Guest

    Tie vote

    How do you break a tie on a committee with an even number of members?
  4. According to the Bylaws for our volunteer, non-profit Board, our 12 member board votes for our 4 executive positions. This is the first time we've ever had a tie vote for a position - vice president. Our Bylaws do not discuss how to handle a tie. It was suggested that as incoming president, I should cast the deciding vote. However, I don't think that would create goodwill for our board going forward. Therefore, it was also suggested that we: 1. Conduct a recount of our Board members to see if by chance anyone changes their votes; 2. Then if we still have a tie, we would open it up for o
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