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Found 2 results

  1. Some background information before I get to the issue at hand: Our Local Union holds split shift Regular Membership Meetings. We have a 3rd shift meeting at 7:30 and a 2nd shift meeting at 12:30 and a 1st shift meeting at 3:00 pm. Okay. Now we are bound by the following UAW Constitutional directives listed in our UAW Constitution: Article 37 Duties and Powers of Subordinate Bodies Section 4 Shift meetings Where Local Unions hold shift meeting the following rules must be observed: Where the first meeting introduces and passes a motion, the subsequent meetings cannot table the motion. It is mandatory that the later meetings vote on the motion as passed by the first meeting. 2. When the first meeting originates a motion, the succeeding meetings cannot introduce another motion on the same subject inasmuch as all of the shift meetings are actually one. 3. When the succeeding meetings introduce and pass motions, they must be held over for final action to give the first meeting the opportunity of voting on the motion the next time they meet (Detroit, 8/9/49, Pages 309-311) Ok. There’s that. Now to the details: On March 11, 2015, at an Executive Board Meeting, a motion was made, properly supported and passed (8-1) that said, “When we send Group A to the Convention, we will pay for X.” Ok some more background information: Our Local Union Bylaws state that, “All questions of parliamentary nature shall be decided by “Robert’s Rules of Order.” And in another article, our Local Union Bylaws state that, “Minutes will be taken of all Executive Board meetings by the Recording Secretary and shall be available to the membership at meetings.” “All decisions and recommendations of the Executive Board shall be referred to the next Regular Membership Meeting.” Smooth sailing so far. Okay. Now, on March 18, 2015, at the Regular Membership Meeting, a motion was made, and properly seconded to “ACCEPT the Executive Board Meeting Minutes of March 11, 2015, as presented.” After voting was tallied for all three meetings, the final vote was 73-0 in favor, motion PASSED. Now, here comes my dilemma. At the Executive Board Meeting held on April 8, 2015, nothing regarding the aforementioned approved motion was brought up so there is nothing found in the minutes that deal with the issue of “sending Group A to the Convention on May 20-25, and paying for X” Now at the second shift Regular Membership Meeting on the same day, under GOOD AND WELFARE (We were preparing to have second roll call and then ADJOURNMENT) a member tried to bring a motion to the floor that When we send Group A to the Convention on May 20-25, we will pay for X & Y & Z.” I ruled the motion out of order and a lively discussion ensued. Between the second shift meeting and the first shift meeting, however, I began to research if there was some way possible for the concerned members to bring back something that had been deposed of properly at an earlier meeting. It was here I found the motion to rescind could be in my opinion used. So when a member brought forth When we send Group A to the Convention on May 20-25, we will pay for X & Y & Z.” I said that would be out of order but you could first vote to rescind the already passed motion, “When we send Group A to the Convention, we will pay for X.” Which the member did make such a motion to rescind the earlier deposed motion and at the first shift meeting (which is the last one for the day) and it garnered 19-0 votes. Then the member made a motion that When we send Group A to the Convention on May 20-25, we will pay for X & Y & Z. which I allowed in case the motion to rescind ultimately passes at the first two sessions of the next month’s meeting which vote totaled 12-0. And that is where I am at and need help!
  2. Guest

    Question of privilege

    Does the same rule about timeliness apply to questions of personal privilege as applies to points of order? That is, can a member raise a point of privilege because he thinks he was insulted at the last meeting, and expect it to be taken seriously?
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