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Found 5 results

  1. Is there a rule about the length of time needed previous to the annual meeting of a non-profit organization? Thank you, Gina L.
  2. Guest

    Election timing

    Part of our club's election by-law reads as follows: "Directors will hold office from the adjournment of the AGM at which they were elected until the end of the following AGM, or until their successors are appointed or elected." It is this last part -- "or until their successors are appointed or elected" -- that has me confused. If the election of directors was held one hour into a three hour AGM, for example, would the old directors officially cease to hold office at that exact moment of time (mid-meeting) when the new directors -- their successors -- were declared elected?
  3. Our bylaws require a ballot vote for elections; otherwise they prescribe a show of hands. However, a sensitive motion will be forthcoming, and I would like to make a motion for a ballot vote in this case. When would I do that: before the sensitive motion is made; before any discussion takes place; or just prior to the vote being taken (after discussion on the motion is over)?
  4. Guest

    Agenda violation

    The agenda starts with a special rules of order item which reorders items on the agenda. For example it moves an item to be dealt with on the next day to be moved immediately following the reading of the special rules of order. This results in many members missing that agenda item. This seems to be a violation of some principle. What is that principle and what is the status of motions addressed in the earlier time?
  5. When preparing minutes, do the events have to be reported in the strict order in which they occurred? For instance, we usually have officer reports and then committee reports. If the treasurer's report is interrupted so that the membership chair can make her report and leave, can the minutes still reflect the treasurer's report and then the rest of the officer reports, with the membership committee's report at the end with the other committee reports?
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