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Found 7 results

  1. The Treasurer of our non-profit has decided that writing checks is unnecessary and is paying the Association’s expenses with her personal credit card. This month she is seeking close to $3000 in reimbursements, which are processed by her also. She was asked not to use it, but continues with the blessing of one board member that says we shouldn’t make a big deal about it. The treasurer said these were budgeted items that she was paying, but because of COVID, won’t write checks. The Association also has its own debit/credit card, but she says it doesn’t work, but hasn’t done anything about it. There is nothing in the bylaws about this new method of payment nor is there anything in the bylaws or rules about Treasurer reimbursement. Could use a little advice. Thanks in advance.
  2. Our non profit has a small limited set of bylaws. In it they state the Treasurer is "appointed" apparently by the chair/president. No where does it indicate that he can or cannot vote. Every board I have sat on, the Treasurer is part of the executive committee and full board and can vote. I cannot locate an answer in the RROO documents I've pulled up. Can someone assist with this question? I just joined this board and realize we need to change our bylaws but we're in a quandary at the moment and things are out of hand. Thanks to anyone who can help. Email is vnorthrup@cfl.rr.com.
  3. ~Webster's New World Robert's Rules of Order Simplified and Applied, 2nd Edition~ What does the unqualified motion to adopt a budget mean? Does it authorize "the person responsible" to approve the bill and further authorize the treasurer to write the check? Does it depend on how the motion to adopt the budget is worded? For example the US House 'appropriates' funds thusly: RONR 11th edition refers to adopting the budget as if we should already know what this means.
  4. Guest

    Auditing question

    I am unclear, for an annual audit; are the records to be turned over by the treasurer to the auditing committee (in house) to be reviewed, or is the treasurer to sit in on the audit? Source?
  5. For my upcoming board meeting, my Board President, Vice President and Secretary are not able to attend. Can my Board Treasurer preside over the meeting?
  6. We had 2 of 5 board members resign and one was VP. Can the Treasurer be elected to the position of VP? Can be remain Treasurer of does he need to resign that position?
  7. Is there guidance on turnaround time for processing reimbursement checks? Is the turnaround time related to the frequency of regular meetings?
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