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Found 14 results

  1. Our non profit has a small limited set of bylaws. In it they state the Treasurer is "appointed" apparently by the chair/president. No where does it indicate that he can or cannot vote. Every board I have sat on, the Treasurer is part of the executive committee and full board and can vote. I cannot locate an answer in the RROO documents I've pulled up. Can someone assist with this question? I just joined this board and realize we need to change our bylaws but we're in a quandary at the moment and things are out of hand. Thanks to anyone who can help. Email is vnorthrup@cfl.rr.com.
  2. ~Webster's New World Robert's Rules of Order Simplified and Applied, 2nd Edition~ What does the unqualified motion to adopt a budget mean? Does it authorize "the person responsible" to approve the bill and further authorize the treasurer to write the check? Does it depend on how the motion to adopt the budget is worded? For example the US House 'appropriates' funds thusly: RONR 11th edition refers to adopting the budget as if we should already know what this means.
  3. Guest

    Auditing question

    I am unclear, for an annual audit; are the records to be turned over by the treasurer to the auditing committee (in house) to be reviewed, or is the treasurer to sit in on the audit? Source?
  4. For my upcoming board meeting, my Board President, Vice President and Secretary are not able to attend. Can my Board Treasurer preside over the meeting?
  5. We had 2 of 5 board members resign and one was VP. Can the Treasurer be elected to the position of VP? Can be remain Treasurer of does he need to resign that position?
  6. Is there guidance on turnaround time for processing reimbursement checks? Is the turnaround time related to the frequency of regular meetings?
  7. Guest

    Treasurer resignation

    I am the treasurer of a small sports organization. Last year's treasurer was, let's say, not a financial genius. I was given the backs of 2 checkbooks, aka, her ledger, and a box full of receipts and unopened bank statements. I went to the bank, on my own time, had them print out every bank statement for the past two years, printouts of every cashed check, I organized the receipts by month, and printed out ledger sheets, and pretty much started from scratch. I caught up the past two years books to current, even though I have just been the treasurer for this year. They are accurate to the penny and completely organized. Our current board situation is going down hill fast, no one follows by laws or Roberts rules, unless it is something that benefits the "bad seeds'" motives. There are only 3 of us "good ones" left and they are doing everything in their power to drive us out. They are making false accusations out loud about financials daily and I found out today that someone made a deposit, but no one is supposed to have the banking number. I know a deposit is a positive thing, but they aren't supposed to have banking information and they definitely didn't have any deposit slips. I called the bank and they are investigating it. I don't know if they lied and posed as the president who is on our account along with me or if they somehow got the banking number. They are trying to go around me to do the is stuff, I guess in hopes I'll eventually give in and quit, which is getting really close to happening. We are attempting to take care of the current divided board situation, but in case it doesn't work out, I had this question...Do I have to turn in months of work, that I did on my own time and used my own office supplies to do, or can I turn in exactly what was given to me when I took over? I feel very uneasy and uncomfortable just quitting and handing over all of that information, that they will somehow "lose" financial documents or botch the books, so to speak, in hopes of making me look guilty of something. Our current by laws state nothing about this, so our usual fallback is RR's. Is there something, somewhere, that can give me the information I need? Thank you.
  8. Guest

    Treasurer's Report

    Good afternoon, I am the president of a school Mothers' Club and need advice, Our Club meets once a month. The first meeting with members was in September, 2015. The treadure's report was not given at the September meeting. There were banking issues that were not resolved for several weeks, not because of any wrong-doing on our part. They've been rectified. When asking for an update, the treasurer told me she should have something for our November meeting. I did not feel it was right to make members wait for information. Below is a by-law in our handbook that speaks directly to my question. " She (treasuer) shall make monthly reports of money received and paid out at each Business and Board Meeting." The next business meeting is in Novemer 2015. We are having a Halloween party in October 2015 and no business is conducted at the October meeting. Since the next business meeting is not until November 2015, my treasurer has rudely expressed that she has read the by-laws and she's done nothing wrong. She has the right to get it together for the November meeting. I feel that isince it was not prepared and presented at the September meeting that the members should not have to wait until November 2015. This is one of her duties and it's imperative to get something together immediately. Please advise if she is correct and waiting until the November 2015 meeting is not violating any by-laws. Thank you, Marie Sullivan
  9. I am a new president of a non-profit organization. I have been a member for over 10 years. Our by-laws require us to elect a president, VP, Secretary, treasurer, and 3 trustees. Trustees serve 3 year staggering terms, all others one year terms. In the description of their duties, it clearly states that trustees will audit the treasurer's reports and all accounts quarterly. All chairpersons will submit budgets to be reviewed by the executive committee and accepted by the whole association. We have only 2 accounts - checking and savings. All expenditures must be approved by the association and all checks must be double signed. Last year, a "finance committee" was appointed - not sure by whom. They added to our by laws that this committee shall also perform quarterly audits, review budgets, and assist with getting bids. I believe this is not needed. We ELECT officers and trustees to perform this duty. I am receiving pressure to enact this finance committee. Is there a rule that governs appointment of finance committees? Do I have to appoint the same members as last year or can I as president appoint my own? Can I appoint my current trustees? Thank you CK
  10. HI I need your advice. On behalf of our organization, members requested the Treasurer to disclose the copies of bank statements to the members at our last regular meeting since we received a report at the meeting that a Board of Trustee admitted that she used our debit card to make multiple purchases by mistake. She stated that she will repay money back to us. The members want to see the bank statements to see if there are any more transactions that she made purchases without our approval. President, Treasurer and 2 BTs refused to show the bank statements but they showed the finanical report which sounds like fishy to us. They told us to make an appointment with them if anyone want to come over to see at the bank statements. Do the members have a right to view the bank statements on the project screen at the regular meeting? I looked up at ByLaws. It did not say about showing the "bank statements" to the members at the meeting but only finanical report. Please be advised. Thanks,
  11. Hello. Our Constitution states our organization will follow the RRO although we do this minimally. One of our members who is currently the Treasurer and has 1 more year to serve on her term has indicated she will be seeking the President's position that is open for nominations this year and has a 2 year term. She wants to hold both positions concurrently. Is this possible? Thank you, Ali1960
  12. We are having trouble getting enough people to fill all the officers positions in our congregational church. Our By-Laws do not say anything about this situation. Is it illegal for the Church Treasurer to also be the Church Clerk? Also, is it wrong for the Pastor's wife to be the Church Clerk? Some members feel the minutes would be a bit slanted if the pastor's wife were the one recording them.
  13. Is it a conflict of interest if a daughter is serving as President and a mother is serving as Treasurer?
  14. Our treasurer has not made a report to the membership in four months. He keeps saying he will have it done, then doesn't do it. What is the procedure for removing him from office? Do we appoint a new treasurer for this elective position until the next election of officers?
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