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Found 2 results

  1. Our quilt guild's Board votes to approve the monthly Treasurer's report. Someone told me recently, this vote was not in accordance to Roberts Rules. Our By-Laws state that "the Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all funds of the organization and shall make a monthly, written, itemized report, to be posted on the guild bulletin board in the lobby of the meeting area, accessible to members and reflecting income and expnditures." The Board has always voted to approve the report before it's posted. Are we wrong? Our financial records are reviewed annually by an auditor but not monthly. The By-Laws also state "the books may also be audited at the request of the Board or any member in good standing with just cause."
  2. When I am writing up the minutes of our quarterly board meeting to send out to our homeowners, how much of the treasurer's report do I include in the minutes? How much detail do I need to put? For instance, is it ok to say there were only 2 dispursements this quarter and then list what they were and for how much? Or do I just say that I am sending the treasurer's report(which, by the way, is very vague) along with the minutes? Thank you.
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