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Found 3 results

  1. Currently the club I belong a few of the board members are proposing amendments to the bylaws that take away all membership voting rights contained in our bylaws, leaving all decisions in the boards hands alone. Also proposed are extending unlimited board (officers/directors) terms at their discretion and taking out the provisions of informing the membership of meetings/agenda. Currently, even though our bylaws state they must provide time/date, agenda and post minutes of meetings, they provide us none of these items. It is my understanding, that this goes against parliamentary rules in gener
  2. First question: How do you calculate a majority (51%) for an odd number of members? For example, 51% of 12 is 7 (50% is 6 and you need one more vote than 50%). But, for 11, 50% is 5.5 members and one more is 6.5 or 7 when rounded up. But, if you multiply 7 by .51, you get 5.61 which is 6 when rounded up. Second question: At what decimal point do you round up for a two-thirds vote. For example, two-thirds of 12 is 8.0004, two-thirds of 15 is 10.005, two-thirds of 19 is 12.673, and two-thirds of 20 is 13.34. For two-thirds of 19 and 20, I can see rounding up to 13 and to 14, respect
  3. “No rule protecting a minority of a particular size can be suspended in the face of a negative vote as large as the minority protected by the rule” ([11th ed.], p. 261, ll. 15–17). But the “vote required for adoption” of Suspend the Rules is two-thirds, “except where the rule protects a minority of less than one third” (tinted p. 27). (1) Can a rule that protects 10 members be suspended by a vote of 20-10? Page 261 says no, but tinted p. 27 indicates yes. Should tinted p. 27 say “less than or equal to one third”? (2) As I understand the general principle, suspending a rule that prote
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