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Found 5 results

  1. I'm not sure if I have a question or just desire some commiserating... Does anybody know what "Consensus" or "Modified Consensus" would be as a Parliamentary Authority? "All TOLIS activities and organization shall be run though consensus. Training in consensus building and running meetings with consensus management will be provided as the TOLIS board deems needed and will be a part of all the leadership trainings developed. A modified form of consensus meeting management will be used with the caveat that if consensus is not able to be reached (with people in disagreement
  2. We have 24 members in our group. Our Treasurer developed a budget that was endorsed by Executive Committee. In the absence of Treasurer, the Deputy Treasurer presented budget that was unanimously accepted by those present. We had 11 present. The next day, our secretary noted that we didn't have a quorum, so vote didn't count. That we would need to redo the vote at the next meeting if a quorum present. There is no controversy, and I fully expect it to be adopted unanimously again by those present at the next meeting. Is it necessary to vote again a month later? We had a second question for
  3. The by laws of my organisation state that a rule or by law can be amended before the Amendments Assembly (taking place every three years), by submitting an Emergency Amendment if needed. The vote for that Emergency Amendment takes place in an ordinary meeting of the board of directors, after circulating the amendment to the members of the organisations 15 days prior to the ordinary meeting. It also states that the vote for such an Emergency Ammendment must be unanimous in order for it to be approved. I abstained from a vote and everyone else voted yes. Is it unanimous? Also, if the Emergen
  4. Is the vote of a Board Members, on an approved leave of absence, required when voting on a motion that requires a unanimous vote?
  5. Guest

    Unanimous vote

    Is an election (voted by show of hands) with the result of 53 yeas, 0 nos and 1 abstention a unanimous vote?
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