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Found 2 results

  1. We've had some significant dysfunction in our organization recently, which included a secretary who didn't understand what minutes should (and shouldn't) contain. The last several sets of minutes that she prepared were not approved by the board due to inaccuracies and liability concerns. Our new secretary is not sure what to do with these minutes that aren't approved were never fixed (as the previous secretary took any recommended changes really personally). The new secretary wasn't on the board when those minutes were compiled and then rejected by the board. Is it appropriate to pull out
  2. Guest

    Unacceptable Minutes

    Our 501c3 had a Quarterly meeting in April where we conducted much business. Our Recording Secretary was absent. Two Board members voluteered to take notes, collate their observations and submit the Minutes as a team. The minutes submitted are one member's(sketchy) notes and omit whole motions and votes. We are a Senior group and 3 months is a time frame that makes memory difficult without those notes. It appears that perhaps the other member who volunteered lost his notes. If the minutes as submitted are unacceptable how do we carry on? Should we table the approval of the minutes unt
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