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Found 9 results

  1. A board regularly puts up someone already on the board as a candidate for an open position. If the members vote that person in, which they usually do, it creates a vacancy in their old position. The board immediately appoints some one to that position, thereby depriving the members of the right to run for that position. The bylaws allow for board appointments but no time frame is specified. This seems like a manipulative process but there seems to be nothing in place to stop it.
  2. Hello, Our organization just held an election of officers. One newly-elected officer has had to resign before taking office. The officer is the president of a division within the organization, and there is no president-elect of the divisions. This is what our bylaws say: "All officers and elected members of the Executive Board shall take office at the adjournment of the annual conference and serve for a two year term or until their successors take office." In case of a vacancy, the Board appoints someone to fill the rest of the term. But the officer has not yet taken office. The bylaws do not
  3. The Chair of our organization has resigned. Our bylaws call for an election to fill the remainder of the term. The question is: if other officers wish to run for the Chair position, must they resign their seats in order to run? For example, would the Treasurer need to resign to run for Chair, therefor resulting in an election for Chair and Treasurer at the same time? Could the Treasurer then run for both the Chair and the Treasurer seat -- in order to keep the Treasurer seat if he/she lost the election for Chair? An issue is that if an officer wins the Chair seat, then their seat is open and
  4. Our association elects a new Vice President every year in late spring for a one year term. He/She then automatically elevates to the position of President the following year. The current VP is thinking of taking a job beginning Fall 2018 that would preclude his ongoing membership in the Association, which means he would also not be able to serve as President next year. Under our Bylaws, any vacancy in an elected position can be filled by President, with the approval of the Executive Board. There are no provisions for special elections, and we have never had a President who was not Vi
  5. Guest

    Special Election

    I have a chapter board who will be holding a special election for an executive board position. Another executive board and to run for the position. Questions, does she have to step down in her current position to run? If she runs and loses, can she reclaim her previous position. Should they include both positions in the special election?
  6. Bylaws require directors to be elected to the board by ballot. Bylaws also require plurality vote when there are more candidates than vacancies. Statute requires that meetings be governed by the latest edition of RONR. Thre are three vacancies and three candidates. Fifty ballots are cast. The results are: candidate A, 45 votes; candidate B, 30 votes; candidate C, 20 votes. 1. RONR, 11th ed., pp 404-405 (I believe that is correct, I don't have my book with me) states that any candidate not receiving a majority is not elected to office. A majority of what? A majority of the ballots tha
  7. We have two board vacancies and only one candidate. What happens if the one is elected but there is a remaining vacancy? Can the board be four until they appoint an additional member?
  8. Our newly elected (July 1st, 2012) Treasure stepped down from being on the board. Our previous treasure wants to be treasure again but she just finished a 3 consecutive term that ended in July 1st, 2012. Is it against the robert rules for her to carry on for another term? I disagree with her doing it again because of the by laws. There is nothing in the by laws that state she is allowed to be put back on but it says that she can only serve 3 consecutive terms at which she just finished. It says in our by laws that we have to follow the "Any vacancies filled shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order
  9. Trying to help our little local charitable organization get back on track after some upheaval. Since August meeting: President submitted letter of resignation (unsure if resigned from office or board membership entirely) Vice-president was removed from office in August. This member is still on the board. Secretary submitted resignation letter (same issue as president - unsure if resignation from office only, or from board as well). The BOD has 8 positions - I believe there was one vacant position. As of last month. Currently - from what I can tell - there are 5 members - but no one holding off
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