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Found 3 results

  1. The bylaws for our board state that "Board officers shall be President, Vice President and Financial Secretary." The Financial Secretary position has been vacant since our last monthly meeting because the board member in that office resigned from the board at the end of the last meeting. The next election is six months away. As I understand it, the words "shall be" in the bylaws do not leave any wiggle room; we must fill that vacancy. The bylaws do not say how soon we must fill the vacancy - indeed the bylaws say nothing whatever about mid-term vacancies.The bylaws do say, however, that RONR shall be the parliamentary authority. Does RONR have anything to say about how long we may go without filling the vacancy?
  2. Guest

    Vacancy has occured

    Vacancy has occurred due to resignation. Question is does the new member need to be elected by a motion by the executive board or board of directors?
  3. If no one runs for one of the elected positions, i.e. vice-president, does the president have the power to appoint someone to fill the vacancy for the term or does she have to call for a special election?
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