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Found 9 results

  1. For my upcoming board meeting, my Board President, Vice President and Secretary are not able to attend. Can my Board Treasurer preside over the meeting?
  2. Guest

    President resigns

    Our President resigned and as stated in the bylaws a single vacancy "may be filled" by a vote of the remaining executive board (6 of 7 elected positions). A majority voted to allow the Vice President to be both acting President and Vice President. There is no provision for a member of the executive board to hold two positions. Our group is governed by bylaws first and then by Robert's Rules of Order. Can the Vice President fill both positions? Or does the Vice President give up that position when promoted to President, thus creating a vacancy?
  3. The bylaws authorize the president to make committee appointments and to fill certain vacancies. The bylaws also say the vice president may perform the duties of the president if the president is, for any reason, unable to perform the duties of his office. The vice president may also perform such executive powers as the president may delegate. The bylaws say the president shall preside at meetings of the assembly but make no mention of who presides in the absence of the president. RONR is the parliamentary authority. Two questions: 1. Must the president make those appointments in a m
  4. The President of our board has turned in her resignation. Under out bylaws and RRoO, the Vice-President now becomes the President. Our bylaws state that the Past-President also sits on the board. So - does the resigning President now become the Past-President and the former Past-President move off the board?
  5. President passed away . Vice president became a president. Do he/she require to take an oath again for being a president?
  6. RONR (11th ed.) p. 458, ll. 19-22 “Although in many instances the vice-president will be the logical nominee for president, the society should have the freedom to make its own choice and to elect the most promising candidate at that particular time.”VP QUESTION: What fundamental parliamentary principles are violated in the instance that the vice president automatically becomes the next president (such that effectively there is never an election for president, rather only ever elections for vice president)? Citations?
  7. Guest

    vice president

    Does an association need to have a vice president? In the constitution, vice president is stated as one of the officers. This position was filled by election but that person has resigned. No one else is interested in the position.
  8. In our community organization, the vice president recently set up a schedule of monthly activities which should normally include a member meeting each month. Instead, there were outside activities which she scheduled and unilaterally deemed 'in lieu of' a monthly meeting. This schedule pretty much means that from April through September, there will be no meeting. This was not done with the approval of the executive board. While the bylaws state that there must be a minimum of 8 meetings which she may or may not get to (we don't have a schedule yet of the entire year), there would be 3 months w
  9. Hello, I have served nine months as Student Government President of a small Community College. Two weeks ago, during our planning day meeting there was a major outburst from our Vice President. As I was trying to calm her down, I heard our adviser also yelling. At first I was relieved, thinking she was telling the VP to stop, but she was actually joining her in berating our Treasurer over a presumed slight. This happened in front of three brand new senators. This outburst is the last in a string of miscommunication, power struggling, and general unease in our organization (much of it instigate
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