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Found 2 results

  1. If an organization's by-laws say it has to meet "X" number of times per year and a majority of the organization desires to cancel its last meeting for the year despite the fact that it will then fail to hold the requisite number of regular meetings, can a member of the minority compel the organization to hold the meeting? If so, how does a person go about compelling the organization to hold the meeting? Given that the Chairman of the Organization is one of the persons seeking to cancel the meeting, it's unlikely an appeal the the Chairman would be fruitful. Would the minority member basical
  2. Hello RR experts, Needing some insight here and your help. Please provide references if you can. If a vote happened to remove a person from an organization, but that vote is in direct violation of the organization's bylaws. Questions: 1. What kind of actions can the person being removed take? 2. Is the vote automatically void, just like it never happened and so this person has not been technically removed? 3. Does the person being removed have to go through an appeals process for this person to be reinstated even if the motion was in violation of their own bylaws? Common sense to me dictates,
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