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Found 1 result

  1. I am in a bit of a quandary as to how to make a motion to stop a meeting in its tracks that violates our bylaws. I know. and have prepared, the citations from RONR and our bylaws that would support me doing so, but I do not now the proper motion to make initially to nullify the meeting as a whole. *Background* For one, club and special club meeting are not allowed to meet electronically in our bylaws and they called an electronic meeting ( board meetings are authorized to meet electronically in our bylaws-so obviously it was intentional for the club meetings not to do so). Two, the proper notification was not given-our notification specifically calls for our notice to go out by mail (came by email -email notifications are allowed in the bylaws for other sections, but not for club meeting-so obviously omitting meeting notifications by email in our bylaws was intentional as well). Third, the "email notification" lacked the hour of the meeting and it is specified in bylaws that the notification has to include the hour (only included date-kind of petty, but a violation nonetheless). Fourth, it did not notify all members. As I said, I know the citations to state as to why, and believe I can hold my ground in a debate, I just do not know what motion or how to even bring it forward! Seriously, I am NOT a rabble rouser, but this meeting is to vote on an extensive revision of our bylaws which contains an amendment that takes away members voting rights and oversight! I am sure the membership does not understand that! I am concerned that they will not allow me to speak! I am concerned that many of our members who are older (who do not use email) don't even realize this meeting is taking place! The title of the email did not even say meeting! I am prepared if all the membership is properly informed, and votes to basically gives complete power to the board (except for voting on elections and bylaws), to give in to the will of the majority-but that currently is not the case. Could someone advise me as to how to proceed? I have never had to use RONR to this level before! HELP!
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