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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    Golf Club Volunteers

    According to our Club's bylaws, the Trustee is responsible for obtaining Chairpersons for our various Tournaments. At the initial meeting the Trustee passed a form around with blank space for interested Chairpersons and "Volunteers only" for various events. After meeting this form containing all the signups was emailed to all. Weeks later some people contacted Trustee offering to volunteer to help. She told them to contact Chairpersons since the original list wasn't being maintained for volunteers, but actually was just done for the first meeting. One of the Chairladies decided not
  2. Hello, all. Well, I think the drama our organization was facing is (possibly) fading - at least for the time being - and we're moving onto the revision of our Bylaws. There have been concerns raised with my suggestion of including the phrase, "or until the Officer/Director's successor is elected" when qualifying the length of the term. Current Board members wonder if this might not mean that they would be forced to stay on the Board "in the event of a public emergency or of difficulty in obtaining a nominee for office." My response has been that a Board position for our organization is a volun
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