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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I was hoping someone could answer this question. Our club has 16 total officers and board members. We had a secret ballot and one result was 9 yes and 4 no, how would the 2/3rds be counted? if by all 16 members this would not pass, but that makes the 3 members that choose not to cast a vote be counted as a no vote, which is against the rules. If we only counted the 2/3rds from the 13 votes, this passes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Linda
  2. Guest

    Vote changing

    Can a vote in general session be changed after the session has ended?
  3. I chair the Rules Committee for our HOA. It's a small committee-5 now but our Board is adding a 6th member. Suggestions on how to break tie votes would be appreciated. Should I, as chair, abstain from all future votes? Should we require an uneven number of committee members?
  4. We held our council elections. The person won president by a 38-37 vote count. Later an uncounted ballot was found which would've tied the vote count at 38-38. Can a special election be called or does the election stand as is ?
  5. The Bylaws of the Community HOA where we live state that member voting may be made in person, or by Proxy (See below) Bylaws: At all meetings of Members, each Member may vote in person or by proxy. All proxies shall be in writing, dated, and filed with the Secretary before the appointed time of each meeting. When membership meeting notices are sent to homeowners, the instructions on the Proxy Statement always contain the following statement: Such proxy is authorized to vote in his or her discretion on any matter properly brought before the meeting for which the undersigned has given no directions as to the manner of casting the undersigned’s vote My question relates to the "for which the undersigned has given no directions" part of the statement. That part of the statement can provide the opportunity for any homeowner, or the Board of Directors, to cast more than one vote on any issue before the Membership Body. Question: Would it be in order to make a motion to request that the teller of the votes state the number of 'affirmative' and 'negative' Proxy votes when the results of the vote count is given? And, if in order, when should the motion be made? Before the question at issue is put to the assembly?
  6. If it is the responsibility of the president to appoint committee chairs and a vote of the B.O.D. is required to approval the appointments. Is the President as a member of the B.O.D. allowed to vote. I was told that since the president is appointing the chairs that they are now considered bias and should remove him(her)self from the vote.
  7. Are voice votes, standing votes, raised hand votes, roll-call votes, ballot votes all considered to be votes cast after the voting is done?
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