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Found 2 results

  1. Our nomination committee was told that a certain position was not open, so they presented no candidate. The position was not considered open, as the previous occupant had moved and a replacement was elected at the September meeting. Nominations and elections occur at the November meeting. The oversight was discovered at the January meeting. A nomination and eletion was held. But someone used the word "appointed by the president to fill a vacancy". The president has the power to appoint, but feels that an election would be more appropriate. How can we best utilize Roberts Rules of order
  2. A motion to disapprove a request was made, seconded and then voted down by a one vote margin (6-5 against, motion to disapprove fails.) A second motion, to postpone discussion of this matter until a later date was made and seconded, but before that vote could be taken a member of the board alerted the chairman that his vote on the motion to disapprove was not recorded correctly. Had his vote been recorded correctly, the motion to disapprove would have passed, thus eliminating the possibility or the second motion to postpone. Legal counsel attending said the vote could be changed as it was jus
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