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Found 3 results

  1. Currently the club I belong a few of the board members are proposing amendments to the bylaws that take away all membership voting rights contained in our bylaws, leaving all decisions in the boards hands alone. Also proposed are extending unlimited board (officers/directors) terms at their discretion and taking out the provisions of informing the membership of meetings/agenda. Currently, even though our bylaws state they must provide time/date, agenda and post minutes of meetings, they provide us none of these items. It is my understanding, that this goes against parliamentary rules in gener
  2. One Person has been signing several names on our meeting attendance. These monthly attendance sheets are used to see who is eligable to vote. Are the forged signatures legal ? This was not caught all year until these papers were viewed to see who could vote. Should the Forged names be able to vote ? We cannot verify that they were at the actual meeting or not.
  3. Does members of an advisory has the right to relinquish or give up their voting right or membership if the committee has a requirement of attendance for voting and membership ( a person has to attend 4 meetings before having voting right and then become a voting member) ? Thank you David
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