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Found 1 result

  1. According to our current bylaws: Lots held by an administrator, executor, guardian or conservator (hereinafter "representative") may be voted by such representative, either in person or by proxy, without a transfer of such lot into the representative’s name. Lots standing in the name of a trustee may be voted by such trustee, either in person or by proxy, but no trustee shall be entitled to vote lots held without a transfer of such lots into his or her name. I've looked up each of those "representative" types and they make sense to me. We have a situation where a homeowner has a relative living in the home and she has been given a letter that simply states she can act as his personal representative in matters involving the HOA. So not a proxy as such. Does this give her "representative" status such that she would not need a proxy form and could act/participate as if she was the homeowner? It is pretty clear that only one or the other can vote, not both. That isn't the issue at hand. Where this is going to come up again is when (if) we get the bylaws revised this January, we want to include qualifications in our bylaws for the board of directors, one of which is that the BoD consists members (lot owners, not renters). Would this entitle her to also be on the BoD if elected? Thanks Laurie
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